Baby Toon Net Worth In 2022

Baby Toon is a 2-in-1 silicone spoon and teether toy that comes in handy for both toddlers and babies. At first, it came up as a science project, Baby Toon was designed to protect babies from harming themselves when feeding themselves and during the teething process.

The Baby Toon is loved for many reasons. One of these reasons is that it is FDA approved, and has a square silicone handle that enables toddlers and babies to hold their spoon easily while mitigating the risk of the spoon going very far down their mouth. Notably, it is also soft, gentle, and a great way to minimize the stress on parents.

Baby Toon launched as just a project at the Honolulu District science and engineering fair where she was given the task of identifying and solving an issue. At the time, Cassidy Crowley was just 7 years old when she came up with the design that soon became a practical and useful tool that many parents could use.

She is now 11 years old and still runs the company with the help of her parents. The inspiration to design this product came around the time her baby sister was starting to feed herself and become more independent. The soft silicone handle works as the teether for babies and toddlers and a handle that is used to feed themselves.

That is a brilliantly marketed product for such a young entrepreneur. As anyone can imagine, being a parent comes with many worries and concerns. Cassidy wanted to help get rid of these fears and she designed Baby Toon.

It is a multi-functional spoon that serves as both a handle to feed and a teething toy. With FDA-approved silicone, babies and toddlers can eat with ease without the parents having to worry about their children hurting themselves.

Baby Toon Appearance On Shark Tank

Cassidy came onto Shark Tank with high hopes to get an offer for $50,000 and 50% equity. As some may be shocked at her offering over 50% of her company, she is still a child and wants to live like one too while also being able to focus on school.

Lori Crowley shared some worries as Cassidy pitched her prototypes and product. But, Lori Greiner offered her exactly what she was asking for.

baby toon net worth

Where Is The Company Today?

Since Cassidy and her mother, Lori appeared on the Tank, Baby Toon has done quite well for itself. The company recently entered a licensing deal with Munchkin, a brand that manufactures and distributes infant and toddler products.

Baby Toon is now sold through online and retail stores, including Amazon and Munchkin. The firm continues to grow and has a huge amount of potential to grow within the baby sector. At only 11 years old, Cassidy Crowley was born an entrepreneur. She has grown sales and has massive potential to go above and beyond in the baby sector.

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