About Me

Scott HopkinsI am the lead author and owner of Youthful Investor. I have been financially conscious and stock market savvy from a very young age. With a passion for writing, teaching and learning this blog has become a wonderful hobby, business and education.

I have received my degree in International Relations and History from Mount Allison University. Besides investing, I am academically active in writing and researching history.

My career is in history, numismatics, and appraising. Investing is just a fun way to make money and sometimes lose money.

My Investing Style

You will notice that I am largely a student of Benjamin Graham, Burton Malkiel, and Jeremy Siegel. However I do have a speculative, imaginative and intuitive side that sneaks out from time to time. Thus you will see I judge a security based largely on the fundamentals, not on technical analysis. Although you will see I am gaining a greater appreciation for technical analysis

I tend to disagree with the crowd and sway away from getting overly optimistic about a given stock.

I absolutely hate fees, commissions and expenses, doing everything in my power to prevent myself and my readers from paying them. That is why you will see that I am an active investor in direct stock purchase plans that offer fee free investing. I avoid moving around stocks as much as possible. DSPP’s are very simple and boring.

In the last couple of years I have shifted the majority of my profile to commission free ETFs.

What I Blog About

I write about most topics that pique my interest. I used to get caught up in SEO and trying to be everything. Lately, this blog is just inspiration based. It reflects a little bit about what’s going on in the financial markets but also a little bit of my ideas.

In the last couple of years I also introduced the idea of alternative investing and investing in yourself. If you are a twenty-something like me you are always looking for better ways to do things, or hacks as they are called.

I was incredibly proud of this article, which broke the news of a company that was scamming investors. My article was so publicized, making such a powerful impact that the company actually threatened me with legal action then my life!

And yes, I still write about penny stocks but, they are not a primary focus.