5 Great Books for Amateur Penny Stock Traders

Penny stocks can offer big returns and an adrenaline rush. However, there are several things you should know before investing in this risky market. Thankfully, there are several books that help beginners learn their way around trading penny stocks. Here are just five great books for amateur penny stock traders.

“An American Hedge Fund” by Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is a great inspiration for those that want to make it big in penny stock trading. His book “An American Hedge Fund” discusses how he turned $12,000 into $2 million using penny stocks. In the book he discusses the rewards, risks and offers great tips. If you think you have to be a financial expert, think again. Sykes became a millionaire before his senior year of college.

“Day Trading for Dummies” by Ann C. Logue MBA

Everyone knows how useful the Dummies series can be. This book is no different. In “Day Trading for Dummies” the author explains the ins and outs of day trading. Whether you want a safer approach or want to risk everything, the book offers great strategies for day trading. You’ll learn how to start with an action plan, learn of the pitfalls and learn how day trading works.

“The Guide for Penny Stock Investing” by Donny Lowy

Knowledge is important when it comes to investing in penny stocks. In “The Guide for Penny Stock Investing” readers learn proven strategies that have helped the author and other investors make large profits from their investments. More importantly, the book will help you learn how to look for stocks that can grow 500% in a given period.

“Invest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading” by Peter Leeds

Want to learn how to trade without the risk? Then this is the book for you. “Invest in Penny Stocks” offers some of the best advice you can find. Not only will you learn how to choose high quality stocks, but you’ll also learn which stocks to avoid. You’ll even learn when to cash in so that you can reap the rewards of your smart investing.

“The Small-Cap Investor: Secrets to Winning Big with Small-Cap Stocks” by Ian Wyatt

Last, but not least, “The Small-Cap Investor” offers advice and how to look at a business to determine if it’s worth the investment. You’ll also learn which companies are not worth the risk and how to find small cap stocks before they hit it big. This book is another invaluable source of information and well worth your investment.

Penny stock trading can be risky, but the rewards can be substantial. With a bit of knowledge, you can rough the waters and come out on top with a huge profit to show for your efforts.