TushBaby Net Worth In 2022

Tammy Rant went to the Shark Tank with one aim: she wanted to get a deal with Lori Greiner regardless of the outcome. Rant fielded and rejected proposals from two other Sharks before getting one from Greiner. That behavior was quite unsettling for a majority of the Sharks and the deal eventually collapsed.

Nevertheless, the product itself is strong and TushBaby is doing quite well. By description, TushBaby is a hip seat for ergonomically carrying children for the baby and the parent. This seat is padded with memory foam for the small tush and it circles the hips to help in distributing the weight to all the right points that save the hips, back, and shoulders from carrying excess weight.

The child benefits from this seat since they are seated in a healthy M position. There are no irritating straps on the arms or even around the back and tummy and the child is encouraged to sit up and build up their stabilizing muscles.

The TushBaby also has large pouches for things like bottles, diapers, toys, car keys, phones, and snacks. The TushBaby can carry small babies who have begun sitting up to the tiny tots that weigh up to 44 pounds.

This product comes in black and gray which helps in keeping stains and messes unnoticeable. This simple product that has a clever design costs around $79.

Who Owns TushBaby?

Tammy Rant is the owner of TushBaby. She is the ideal mompreneur who saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it. Previously, she was a software salesperson with two children and many back issues due to carrying her kids for several years. She was fed up with the traditional back carriers and had to continuously pull her second daughter out of it when she wanted to be held.

Rant developed her customized hip carrier that all the moms went crazy for and asked whether she could make them one as well. She launched the company in 2018 with the assistance of a $124,212 payout from a Kickstarter campaign. Following the success of her Kickstarter campaign, she also decided to do an IndieGoGo campaign that raised another $127,498.

What Happened At shark Tank?

Tammy Rant approached the Sharks with her daughter and husband to demonstrate the product. The Sharks were impressed with her numbers and wondered why she needed an extra investment. Rant said that she was having some challenges with inventory and required investment to get out ahead of it. Here is the TushBaby video.

Daymond John decided to offer her exactly what she wanted. Strangely enough, she turned the offer down. Kevin O’Leary made an offer of $200,000 for 15% which she also shot down almost immediately.

Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban jumped ship at this strange behavior. O’Leary and John also withdrew their offers when Rant continued to hound Lori Greiner for an offer. Eventually, Greiner offered the money for 20% equity, and Rant agreed immediately. Nonetheless, the deal collapsed despite Rant’s enthusiasm at having Greiner on board. Today, there are many positive reviews from different resellers on Amazon. Apart from selling her product, Rant has discovered another way to help the people in need and she donates hip carriers to the LENN Foundation for children who have cerebral palsy. The company’s monthly income is $333,333.

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