Gallant Net Worth In 2022

Gallant specializes in stem cell therapy for dogs. The company works in conjunction with veterinarians to offer stem cell banking for pets for future use in case the pet encounters any common health issue. Gallant invests in offering stem cell storage plans for dogs, cats, and horses. The company has a net worth of more than $4.5 million.

Notably, Aaron Hirschhorn was the Founder and CEO of Gallant. Before he ventured into this business and started working as the CEO and Founder of Gallant, Aaron Hirschhorn had a background of being an analyst for two years. He then continued to become the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of DogVacay.

Sadly, Aaron passed away in early 2021 from a surfing accident that happened in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, he cannot see the success of his firm, but the company is striving relentlessly to continue making him and his entire family proud.

Why Is Gallant Popular?

Currently, it is clear that Gallant is at the forefront of stem cell research for canines. The company’s mission is to offer dogs some regenerative care in the same way that it is provided to humans. Notably, the Gallant stores discarded the reproductive organs in an FDA-approved lab. Then in case, a person’s dog encounters medical or health issues where stem cells can act as a viable solution to their medical problem.

Appearance In Shark Tank

Aaron Hirschhorn went to the Shark Tank looking for $500,000 for just 2% equity of the company. At the time he had just 4 key patents that he thought would protect the space and lock out any competition in the multi-billion-dollar market.

The pitch appeared to be quite suspicious to the Sharks. But, Aaron explained that the reason for the low equity share was due to the fact that he had other investors as well. Back in 2019, he had valued his business at around $25 million which impressed the Sharks instantly.

Aaron said that his company was looking for a partner that was willing to help them financially and also offer a lot of strategic guidance. Anne Wojcicki and Lori Greiner partnered to come up with a deal with Gallant. Eventually, they decided to offer Aaron $500,000 for 5% equity.

Where Is Gallant Now?

In 2022, Gallant is still open and operationally ready for business. It has even introduced a one-time setup of $205 on top of their $95 monthly plan. Even though Aaron passed away, Gallant is still focused and determined to remain true to his mission and carry on with his legacy.

The Sharks loved the vision that steers Gallant and it is now even more loved by the pet owners. The company helps in facilitating the improvement of canines’ quality of life and it is also a hassle-free process for the pet parent whenever they need their services. In 2022, Gallant is a multi-million-dollar business that is helping grow stem cell research for canines. In that context, it continues to make history which, in turn, keeps Aaron’s legacy alive.

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