Peanut Butter Pump Net Worth 2022

Peanut Butter Pump, just like the name suggests, is a pump that is used in dispensing peanut butter from containers and jars. The equipment dispenses a nutty paste whenever and how it is required.

The convenience and deliciousness that is associated with the paste that comes from the pump, offers the customers results that they no longer have to stick their knife into a peanut butter jar. Instead, they just need to spread the paste using the Peanut Butter Pump.

Who Owns Peanut Butter Pump?

The company is estimated to have a net worth of about $1 million in 2022. Peanut Butter Pump is based in Burbank, California owned by Andy Scherer. Scherer is referred to as a ‘nutty inventor’ of this equipment.

In 2016, Andy lost his job, which gave him some more time to design and develop ideas enabling him to come up with various solutions. Loving PB&J, Andy managed to come up with the idea when he was preparing his favorite sandwich.

Peanut Butter Pump was launched in his garage and is now reported to be doing quite well. The interest in this product went viral after it aired on Good Morning America in 2019 and since then, this popularity appears to have resulted in waiting periods for the pre-order sales, which made it a majorly sought-after product.

The product is described as both clever and convenient which has made it quite popular among the users. It is manufactured using silicone, dispensing three tablespoons of nutty goodness per pump. Interestingly, it is also considerably easy to clean and creates fewer utensils to wash.

Shark Tank Appearance

 Andy went to Shark Tank looking for an investment of $200,000 for 15% of his business. The Sharks were seen to be more fascinated by the product than interested. After several mishaps and missing delivery dates, the Sharks were worried. One by one, they started to pull out and Mark thanked Andy for being a great sport, to which he then went on his way.

Where Is Peanut Butter Pump Currently

After a lot of speculation that the idea was tanked, Andy then reassured his clients that the product works and was being manufactured. On the official site, it currently says that the estimated shipping date was back in 2020 and now there is no further update to share.

If Andy can get his orders out and then manage his time efficiently, he can possibly have a multi-million dollar product thriving on his hands.

The Takeaway

In the end, sticking to personal and business promises is quite an important trait to possess whenever you are starting a business. Andy is yet to do that and with that in mind, comes a lack of trust and loss of many customers. Hopefully, Andy can eventually get his business up and running, the proof will always be in the pudding so we must have to wait and see.

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