Fish Fixe Net Worth In 2022

Fish Fixe is a nationwide subscription and delivery service that mostly offers ethically sourced and sustainably packed boxes of premium fish delivered to your doorstep.

Emily Castro and Melissa Harrington came together and started this business in 2018. However, they needed the Shark’s investment to sort out some logistics that surround the shortening of their delivery times to two days.

Lori Greiner managed to snatch the deal from Kevin O’Leary’s plate eventually. The company has a net worth of $1.2 million.

What Is Fish Fixe?

A majority of the people in America are afraid of purchasing, handling, and storing fish correctly yet it does not make up a huge portion of their general diet. Taking into account the huge health benefits that come with eating fish, it was quite a shame that no firm catered to this need.

Fish Fixe is an online fish delivery service that lets users subscribe to a box once off, once every month, once every two months, once every three months, and once every four months.

The most popular box has 16 portions of seven different prechosen 6 oz. fish for $149.00. The next box has 16 portions of fish of your choice at $159. Lori’s Pick box is also available which gets you eight portions of four types of fish and a fish spice blend for $199.

Notably, the Sharks seemed to like the Cake Sampler box that has six portions in total. Every portion features five ounces of fish cakes (Creole Remoulade salmon cakes, Maryland-style crab cakes, and jalapeno crab cakes). You are also allowed to buy a gift card for the website for your special person.

Once you have chosen and paid for your preferred box, it is delivered to you within two days with enough thawing instructions and cooking tips. Here is how the product comes when shipped to your door.

Who Are Melissa Harrington And Emily Castro?

Melissa Harrington and Emily Castro have been friends since joining a soccer club during their years in university. They had their separate paths to take while they were adults but managed to remain friends. Castro has her degree in Sociology while Harrington has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences.

When Melissa was expectant, she craved fish at least twice per week. Getting fish from the local stores. Storing it, and later preparing it all took a lot of time. She decided to tell her husband to split the fish that they had acquired into two portion packs, vacuum seal it, and put it in the freezer.

Soon Melissa was already doing this trick for many of her friends and family including Emily. When the two friends went on a holiday in Mexico, they discussed how well the frozen fish business did quite well in other nations and their idea was working well for them. In that context, Fish Fixe was born.

What Happened In Shark Tank?

The business partners went to the Tank hoping to get $200,000 in exchange for 15% equity in their business. The Sharks liked the idea and convenience that came with it, mostly with the pandemic. Nonetheless, most of them were not in the food sector and could not offer any services along with investment, and they jumped ship.

Lori Greiner said that she was happy to be a customer. But, she was not convinced that the pair needs to give up part of their business for money, since the business will grow with time.

Kevin O’Leary swooped in and offered $200,000 for 33.3% of the firm. The pair countered the offer with 25% equity and he came down to 30%. When he refused to lower his bid, Greiner came in unexpectedly and offered them money for 25%. Harrington and Castro took Greiner’s deal immediately.

As of April 2022, the investment appears to be doing well as does the partnership. Greiner is an investor and an avid subscriber with a personalized Fish Fixe box for sale!

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