Brumachen Net Worth In 2022

Brumachen is a firm that sells single-serve portable coffee brewers and biodegradable coffee pods. The firm was launched by Ross Smith and Kweku Larbi.

The two investors appeared on Season 12 Episode 11 of the Shark Tank show. They pitched their business idea to the investors hoping to get an investment deal of $1,000,000 for 10% equity in the firm.

Unfortunately, the sharks were not impressed enough and offered them no deal. But, what happened to the Brumachen firm after their appearance on the Shark Tank episode?

What Does Brumachen Do?

Brumachen sells a single-serve portable coffee brewer known as The Brumachen. This coffee brewer utilizes a K-cup or refillable pod and brews a hot, 190-degree cup of coffee within five minutes. This brewer is well-designed to use a car’s 12-volt outlet and it can also plug into home outlets.

The key selling point of this coffee brewer is that it is portable and you can take your favorite coffee with you anywhere you like. Not only is it convenient, but it enables you to save a lot of money instead of having to buy a cup of coffee.

To learn a lot more about this product and brand, you can follow them on Instagram or watch this Youtube Video.

How Was The Company Launched?

Co-founder Kweku Larbi came originally from Ghana, but he studied for a Civil Engineering degree in the United States.

During his studies, he noticed that he needs and drinks a lot of coffee each day and found it quite hard to find a descend cup of hot coffee while on construction sites. There were no descend coffee shops insight and he developed and set up an early prototype from Brümachen using a 3D printer.

The other co-founder, Ross Smith is a viral TikTok star who met Kweku when they were partnering on social media. Smith loved the Brumachen idea and decided to partner with Larbi.

What Happened After Shark Tank?

Ross Smith and Kweku Larbi entered the Shark Tank show looking for an investment of $1 million for 10% equity in the business.

Sadly, the Sharks wanted them to modify the finished product in order for it to be a true consumer product. At the end of that episode, the two investors left without a deal.

Based on reports supplied by the Brumachen team, they are the first portable coffee brewer firm. They are doing quite well as a start-up and generated $41,000 via Kickstarter in 2020. This enabled them to get started with the production and shipping of the product by the second half of 2020. The company is still in operation and it is valued at a net worth of around $400,000 in 2022.

They might not have gotten their $1 million investment deal, but they managed to stay in business, and slowly but surely they are making a name for themselves. You can buy their products directly and readily from their website.

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