Matt Holliday Net Worth In 2022

Matt Holliday is a former Baseball Player who was born on January 15, 1980. He has gained more popularity and earned a decent amount of money from his profession.

As of 2022, Matt Holliday has an estimated net worth of $60 million based on various reliable sources. He has built his million-dollar empire throughout his career. He is a renowned Former Baseball Player who earned a decent amount of money from his career.

Matt Holliday’s monthly income is estimated at $0.5 Million +. A long journey is now waiting for him to achieve a lot of other things and earn much more than now. He was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States.

In 2018, Matt had a net worth of $36 million. Since then, he has accumulated a lot more wealth and it appears like he will earn a lot more in the coming years. In 2019, his net worth increased to $42 million. By October 2022, Matt Holliday had a net worth of $60 million.

A majority of fans are searching for Matt Holliday’s Net Worth in 2022. Some people will be eager to know about the biography of their favorite celebrities. As of 2022, Matt Holliday is 42 years old. He stands 1.93m tall.

Matt Holliday Net Worth

He was first drafted in 1998 by the Colorado Rockies, in the seventh round of the draft. At the time, he was a senior at Stillwater High School in Stillwater, Oklahoma. After several years of minor league play, he made it to the major league in 2004. Nonetheless, he was traded to the Oakland Athletics for the 2009 baseball season.

After he became a free agent, Matt Holliday signed once more with the Cardinals, with whom he had a contract running until 2017. To date, Holliday is listed as having won multiple awards, including six All-Star and four Silver Slugger awards.

In 2007, he was the runner-up for the National League MVP. That season he also came in at number one for the National League’s batting average, RBIs (runs batted in), together with hits and double-base hits. He also won the MVP for 2007’s National League Championship, a feat that enabled the Rockies to earn their first pennant in the World Series.

Over the years as a player, he earned a decent amount of money. Notably, he earned $17 million per year as part of a 7-year $120 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Matt Holliday is today married to his wife Leslee. The couple has three children named Jackson, Ethan, and Gracyn. As of November 2022, the family resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

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