Tenikle Net Worth In 2022

Tenikle is a tripod that was inspired by the idea of an Octopus and its 8 tentacles. It has been perfectly designed to suit the needs of all sorts of creatives throughout the world. As the story has been told, Lydia and Hans were hiking when they wanted to capture a special moment.

Nonetheless, Hans says that without his tripod on hand, he had to use his innovative skills and makeshift a tripod. Although it seemed unsuccessful after his phone dropped from the tree and cracked the screen, Hans had a Eureka moment that would change their lives.

Tenikle net worth

After carefully analyzing the ‘big and ugly’ car mount used for his phone, he began to question why there was no device that came with all the needed tech essentials in a single device. That is where the idea of creating a tripod that imitates an octopus came into play, and the rest is history.

Hans and his wife Lydia Dose are the owners of Tenikle. When he appeared on the Shark Tank show, Hans openly spoke of the challenges he and his wife were facing at that time. Living in an RV on his mother’s property, with just $39 in his account, he was determined and strived relentlessly to make Tenikle work.

Why Is Tenikle Popular?

Tenikle is portable, convenient, and easy to use. The versatile and useful gadget is easy to use, it is light and enables one to make the perfect video or photo, wherever you are. It features all the needed tech essentials to enable you to make memories with ease and pleasure.

Hans explained that most of the product’s success comes from explaining its special features and crucially how it can improve one’s life.

Appearance On Shark Tank

After his impressively touching and relatable entrance onto the show, Hans Dose, Tenikle’s owner, secured a deal with Daymond John during his appearance on Shark Tank. Daymond might have been more interested as his success story started similarly. At one point, he only had $500 to his name when trying to start his business.

At first, Hans went onto the show hoping to get an investment of $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity. Nonetheless, although not his most perfect offer, Dose accepted John’s offer after failing in his attempt at a counteroffer.

Where Is The Company Today?

Tenikle was happy to have a lucky start to their growth. After tons of feedback, trust, and guidance from the online audiences, they reworked the brand and all its product focusing on their suggestions. This has resulted in newly innovated products and now, Hans and Lydia Dose are focusing on growing the business.

There seems to be no limit for the firm after Tenikle’s debut on Shark Tank. It got positive reviews from its trusted clients but has exponentially grown this business since. Daymond John is happy to work with his new partners and hopefully, they will go far. As of June 2022, the company is estimated to have a net worth of $6.1 million.

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