Proper Good Net Worth In 2022

The brother and sister duo Jennifer and Chris Jane integrated two very essential features in their business venture – Proper Good – that can only make the consumers smile: food and convenience. They were excited and hoped their home-delivered soup business could make it big, but required financial help to ensure that they do not lose money while trying to acquire new clients.

Proper Good reported $2 million in revenue for the 2021 period. But, did the sharks want a taste of this soup business?

Proper Good specializes in selling homemade soup to its customers and delivers fresh products to their doors. They offer different flavors and customers can pick the ones that they want to be included in their box. Customers hit it up in 90 seconds and it will be ready to eat.

This soup has a long shelf life of up to 8 months, although it does not contain any preservatives. It can be consumed hot or cold and is quite nutritious due to the ingredients that are used to make it like bone broth. Some options are keto-friendly, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Their product range is highly versatile enabling the customers to use it for breakfast and other meals of the day. Types of food available on their product list also include chili, oats, and soups.

One unit costs about $7 or you can purchase bundles. The best sellers sell for about $41 and if you buy more than 6 meals, you will not pay any shipping costs.

Proper Good Appearance On Shark Tank

The Jane pair made an impressive entrance, dressed from top to toe in Victorian outfits and big hair as well. They explained all about their challenge in finding good and nutritious meals that do not take long to prepare. Thus, they decided to start making healthy soup and selling it themselves.

They came to the show hoping to get a $400,000 investment since although sales were good, they were struggling financially to make the proper shift to selling directly to the consumers.

During the pitch, the Sharks had an opportunity to taste the meals. The entrepreneurs made a special mention of how much they have enjoyed ‘Dragon’s Den’ in the past— maybe a small gesture trying to get into Peter’s good books.

Although it was a great product, not all sharks were interested in partnering with them. Daymond did not feel passionate about this brand and Lori also bowed out of the bidding race. Kevin O’Leary also did not want to get involved but Mark Cuban said that he had an idea that would help them go big.

Proper Good net worth

Cuban offered their asked price but wanted 25% of the firm, a lot more than the 10% they originally offered. After some careful deliberation, all parties settle on $400,000 in exchange for 20% of the business.

Where Is The Company Today?

The Proper Good Shark Tank session happened recently and based on it is not clear whether this deal has been finalized. But, sales have been boosted by the show, enabling them to grow towards $2 million in 2021.

In 2022, the company is going strong with regular activity, including recent posts on social media. As of May 2022, the company has a net worth of $4 million.

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