Supply Razor Net Worth

Supply Razor is a luxury, single-blade razor. The razor is stainless steel and strives for a perfect shave each time. There are up to three custom settings that give men and women the choice and opportunity to determine what setting will meet their needs.

Furthermore, it was designed to have an injector-style blade cartridge that guarantees touchless blade replacement guaranteeing optimal safety and protection from the blade.

Patrick and Jennifer Coddou are the founders and owners of the Supply Razor Company. Before the company became successful, Patrick worked as an engineer at Lockheed Martin while Jennifer was a math teacher at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

Supply Razor was launched at their home with some slow sales and profits in the beginning despite committing all effort to ensure that it is seen. After they decided to quit their jobs and put their whole attention and time into the business, they have managed to lead their company to expand and thrive in ways that they cannot believe.

For now, it is a successful small business that has gone large and the Coddou family are the only ones that are expanding it from here. The company has a net worth of over $12 million as of March 2022.

Why Is Supply Razor Popular?

Initially, the Supply 2.0 razor might appear expensive selling for $79. But, the razor comes with an extra 100-year warranty and a year’s supply of blades.

That appears to be a massive win amongst their clients. Moreover, it is not the same as normal razors. This product was designed to reduce razor burn and ensure that the result is a cleaner cut.

Shark Tank Appearance

Patrick and Jennifer came to Shark Tank with the hope of getting a $300,000 investment in exchange for 10% of the company. They came in looking for a Shark to help them scale their firm and ensure that it rises to the next level.

Although Lori Greiner showed some interest and called it the “Cadillac” of razors, she could not relate to the product. Hence, she decided not to invest in the business. Mark and Daniel also pulled out and left Robert and Kevin with a chance to make an offer.

Kevin made a deal but the team felt that Robert’s offer was more appealing. Robert Herjavec made an offer of $300, 000 for 15% equity. They accepted that offer, and the rest is history.

Where Is The Company Today?

That deal with Robert never closed. Two days after Supply Razor aired, they recorded more sales than in the past two months, and they have boomed ever since. As of July last year, the couple’s business was making $12 million in sales annually.

They are now growing and expanding their product and market coverage and have become a major competitor in their sector. What was launched as a small business appears to have turned into a multi-million-dollar empire. This proves that hard work, commitment, and effort can help businesses go straight to the top.

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