Nerdit Now Net Worth 2022

Nerdit Now is a cellphone, computer, tablet mobile repair Service Company. The firm was launched with environmentalism and sustainability in mind. Not only do they repair various pieces of technology, but they also donate, resell, and recycle old technology as well. The company has a net worth of around $4 million.

Electronics like laptops, desktop computers, tablets, gaming consoles, phones, and a lot more can be repaired, resold, and also donated by Nerdit Now. The firm upcycles or even recycles items that would have otherwise ended in a landfill, and that has enabled them to claim their identity as a mobile ‘technology recycling operation’.

The company was launched by brainchild, Markevis Gideon. He had a passion and vision for technology since a young age. In most cases, he took computers apart to learn how they worked, and he continued with this learning habit all through high school and college.

While he was busy working towards double majoring in accounting and computer science in college, he repaired many computers, sold cars and textbooks on the side to make extra money.

Why Nerdit Now Is Popular

In the current day and age, people want their devices and gadgets fixed quickly, and luckily for them, that is exactly what Nerdit Now does.

Since it is a mobile electronics repair service, the team can repair, collect, and donate different products in a short time. Their primary aim is to fix the devices either in their mobile truck or at one of their retail outlets, which ensures that their clients do not stay waiting for days before their items get fixed.

Shark Tank Appearance

Markevis Gideon, Jonathan Hoxter, and Jake Voorhe entered Shark Tank aiming to secure a $150,000 investment for 20% equity. Though Sharks liked their business model and the path they were going down, none of them knew how they could help scale the business as it needed huge proximity for growth.

The Sharks are convinced that it is good business. But, the Nerdit Now team might have come to Shark Tank too early to set something in stone with any of the investors.

Where Is The Company Now?

In 2022, the firm is still thriving and expanding its coverage all over the United States. Nerdit Now is the first certified R2 recycler of IT equipment in Delaware, and that is an achievement for itself on its own.

Despite failing to secure any investment in the Shark Tank, they managed to secure a $75,000 grant from discovery, a $100,000 grant from Barclays, and a $25, 000 grant from Capital One to distribute refurbished computers to children in need.

Currently, Nerdit Now continues to grow the kiosk business aiming to open a recycling center in Wilmington. Furthermore, Gideon also hopes that he will give back to his community in the future by offering sustainable jobs to people and manufacturing kiosks as well.

Nerdit Now is doing well despite not getting any investment from Shark Tank. They seem to be showing revenue growth that is quicker than their industry average, and they do not appear to have plans to slow down anytime soon.

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