Nursem Net Worth – What Came After Dragons Den?

Nursem is a wide range of therapeutic skin products that are designed for hard-working and dry hands. The company was established when Antonia Philp was compelled to go on leave for two weeks when contracting contact dermatitis.

She became tired of her hands continuously being cracked, dry, and knew the other nurses were just as frustrated, she and her husband came together and began experimenting to create the perfect hand-cream formula.

Antonia and Jonny Philp are the known owners of the therapeutic skincare brand. While she was working as a pediatric nurse, Antonia came up with the idea of creating a special formula to treat all types of dry and cracked hands.

She insisted that on average, she would have to wash her hands around 50 to 60 times a day. That condition started playing its toll as time went by.

The couple then noticed that there was a conspicuous lack of natural and effective hand cream for the hard-working hands. Therefore, they decided to make it their mission to develop their natural and effective hand cream. That is how Nursem was launched.

They strive to supply every midwife, nurse, and healthcare professional in the NHS with their specially formulated hand cream by 2025. The couple has labeled this initiative as ‘Nursem Promise’.

Why Is Nursem Highly Popular?

Nursem’s product formulas are known to use naturally derived ingredients that focus on what the raw benefit of the ingredient can provide. They are happy to say that they manufacture true and natural products, which eliminates the possibilities of all harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, their product is 100% effective after taking place in many laboratory-based trials and research. Before putting this product on the market, they go through multiple rounds of extensive testing before selecting the best-fit formula. Notably, Nursem is dermatologically tested and guarantees clinical safety.

Dragons Den Appearance

Every Dragon wanted a piece of Nursem. Upon entering the den, Antonia and her husband, Jonny were looking for a £75, 000 investment in exchange for a 1.5% stake in the company.

After getting various offers from all the dragons, Jonny and Antonia decided it was best to go with Tej Levani, who gave £75, 000 for 5% of the firm. Once the money was paid back, the share in business would drop to 3%, which was a deal that they could not let go of.

Appearing in the den was a win for this dynamic couple, as they felt Tej was only perfect for their business and thought that he would lead them to the right path heading forward.

Where Is Nursem Currently?

Nursem continues to keep their promise, offering free hand-cream to nurses across the NHS. On top of that, they are now expanding and growing their firm one product at a time with the assistance of their massive laboratory testing. The company is worth 2.5 million pounds in February 2022.

For now, the company keeps growing to help those that are tired of cracked and dry hands.

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