Extend Robotics Net Worth

Extend Robotics is designed to enable man and machine to work in harmony with one another. The company encompasses virtual reality (VR) by creating a human-robot interface software. This software enables both the advanced and novices to operate commercial robots remotely through a network.

Their primary aim is to boost the idea of working from home onto a physical spectrum by increasing human capabilities beyond the physical presence.

In that context, Dr. Chang Liu is the founder and owner of Extend Robotics. He thinks that even though technology might replace jobs, it needs not to leave anybody stranded. All humans need to have the ability to become a part of this revolution.

Extend Robotics works in a manner that enables people to work from home, operating robots via their premium, virtual reality interface.

Extended Robotics Is Popular

Extend Robotics give people the chance to be part of something greater than physical presence. With the current world evolving and technology advancing, Change is thinking ahead about how he can manage to help people, while concurrently guaranteeing employment security.

Furthermore, Extend Robotics is useful in a lot of ways for instance healthcare. In case you need medical experts that are just a few hours away or do not have locally, they will be accessible through the software. The robots may even be used in hospitality as bartending robots or for a maintenance inspection.

Extend Robotics net worth

Dragons Den Appearance

Dr. Liu entered the Den with the hope of securing an investment of £150,000 in exchange for a 5% equity. All of the Dragons were doubtful about how far off the technology was in terms of caring for the elderly, with Stephen Bartlett saying that it made him quite sad.

Nonetheless, luckily for Dr. Liu, Peter Jones had other thoughts. He had some interest in the firm and how far it could go. He suggested that Extend Robot could get Gordon Ramsey to cook you a dinner one evening and get some business advice from Deborah Meaden.

While wasting no time at all, Jones went all in and provided the full amount except that he wanted a 25% stake. After some thinking, Dr. Liu agreed and was highly excited to welcome his “Super Investor” on board.

Where Is The Company Today

Extend Robotics has now shown no limit to the capability their products have. Recently, they said that their teleoperated robotic arm could be used for agriculture and horticulture. The firm continues to challenge the robotics sector and explore all operations they might achieve using their software and product.

Since the airing of Dragons Den, Extend Robotics have grown dramatically. With a lot of interest and fascination, it leaves people hopeful for a future that may appear daunting and maybe uncertain.

They now continue to prove that in case there is a will, there is a way. It is the same mindset that is helping the firm become extremely successful.

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