The Little Loop Net Worth

The Little Loop is a United Kingdom-based rental service for all types of children’s clothing. This firm was established after Charlotte Morley got worried about how rapidly her children grew out of their clothes.

Notably, the firm became the first sustainable, shared wardrobe for children. Children are continuously growing and developing. They normally have growth spurts and, in turn, grow out of their clothes. It means that their parents always need to find the money to purchase a new wardrobe after every few months.

The Little Loop helps in relieving parents of all that stress. They provide a monthly subscription of £18 where parents then receive clothes for children worth £165 from various brands including Little Green Radicals, Polarn O. Pyret, and Frugi.

Charlotte Morley is the CEO and founder of the Little Loop. This business is believed to be the epitome of a lockdown success story. In April 2020, Charlotte developed the idea for The Little Loop. She discovered that there was a massive problem with children’s clothing, giving her a perfect idea to fill this gap in the market.

Why Is The Little Loop Popular?

This service enables parents to shop sustainably without having to break their bank accounts. The firm guarantees that it gives the customers 100% of what they offer, with no compromise of the quality or cost.

Dragons Den Appearance

Charlotte went into the Dragons’ Den hoping to secure £70,000 in exchange for 7.5% of the firm. The Dragons were instantly impressed by Charlotte and her huge ability to reinvent the wheel.

They were happy with the fact that her firm was environmentally friendly and conscious of the fast-fashion, an ever-growing issue in the current world. Deborah offered all the money for 12.5% and so did Sara, while Tuka and Stephen offered £70,000 for 15%.

While taking into account the Dragon’s deals, Charlotte decided to take a leap of faith and ask for something even greater. She asked whether Deborah and Stephen would agree to invest all the money £70,000 each, taking the total to £140,000 for 12.5%.

Deborah was thrilled by her confidence. After careful consideration, both Stephen and Deborah agreed and Charlotte walked away with two Dragons together.

Where Is Little Loop Today?

The Little Loop company has so far done a lot of big things. They have even won many awards like Junior Design Awards, the Marie Claire Sustainability award last year.

Furthermore, they have got amazing press from the mainstream media firms like The Daily Mail, The Independent, Forbes, The Sun, and many others. The list is unlimited, and it continues growing, as does the Little Loop company.

Today, Charlotte is focusing on reducing children’s clothing waste and offering a sustainable way for the parents to dress their children, all this time while helping the environment.

More parents are coming in to pay for these services which ensure that they do not lose money buying a lot of clothes that their children outgrow rapidly.

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