Lionel Messi Paid Millions To Enjoy 5-Star Vacations In Saudi Arabia And Post Photos On Social Media

Several weeks ago Lionel Messi reportedly signed an incredible deal to join Inter Miami Football Club. Messi chose this deal which includes a cut of AppleTV+ subscription revenue and an equity stake in Inter Miami, over an equally-unexpected offer from a Saudi team.

Based on several reports, the Saudis offered Lionel Messi up to $1.6 billion to play for a local team for only THREE seasons. If he took the offer, it would have worked out to a salary of $533 million ANNUALLY.

Nobody knows why Messi decided to reject that much money. It must have been quite a difficult and awkward decision for the World Cup winner, who already has a highly lucrative deal to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia. The terms of this deal were only leaked, and they are quite amazing. Lionel gets paid a small fortune to take vacations and then post photos to social media.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi – Saudi Tourism Deal

Based on a contract that was leaked to the New York Times, Lionel Messi can earn $25 million over three years to promote Saudi tourism. Although $25 million might not sound like a massive number for a Messi deal, based on the contract’s terms, here is what the footballer needs to do to make the money:

  • Take an annual trip to Saudi Arabia for his vacation and he can tag along up to 20 friends. All expenses are paid, including travel and 5-star accommodations. The vacation needs to last a minimum of five days.
  • Make up to 10 social media posts annually that promote Saudi Arabia using hashtags approved by the Arabian Kingdom.
  • Participate in a yearly tourism ad campaign. In 2022 that meant appearing in one promotional video for Visit Saudi.
  • For the second and third terms above, he gets paid $2 million per obligation, annually. He can then make an additional $2 million per year to participate in ‘charitable work.’

Putting it all together for the next three years, Lionel Messi can earn $25 million for significantly little work. However, there is one condition: Based on the contract viewed by the Times, Messi “cannot say anything that might ‘tarnish’ Saudi Arabia.'”

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