BRUW Net Worth 2022

How can one brew perfect café-quality cold brew in their home every single time? Use the BRUW cold brew coffee filtering system. That was the pitch by Max Feber to the Sharks. Mark Cuban readily picked up what Feber was putting down and made a solid offer.

Cold-brewed coffee and tea have become all the craze. The cold-brewed coffee enables one to enjoy all the benefits and flavors that coffee has to offer without any bitterness. Unfortunately, cold brewing can easily get messed up when one tries to do it at home.

The BRUW is a cold brew coffee filter that is perfectly designed to fit between two standard mason jars. These coffee grounds and water are placed in one mason jar and the normal lid gets secured. Notably, the jar is then placed in the fridge for several hours until the coffee has successfully been brewed.

Whenever you are ready to drink the cold-brewed coffee, you can replace the mason jar lid with the BRUW filter and screw in a second mason jar to the other side. All you can do is then flip it over and watch as the cold-brewed coffee gets filtered through. This filter has a straw/tube attached to it which supports seamless and fast filtering.

The filter can also be used to make cold-brewed coffee, fruit, tea, and herbal infusions. Here is how to use it.

Who Owns BRUW?

Max Feber is the owner of BRUW. He was in high school sophomore year business class when he was challenged to make a useful product that fixed some challenges that were existing in the market. Feber loved cold brew coffee but struggled to make it at home using the normal filters since they are meant to filter hot liquids only. He knew exactly what he had to make.

With the success of his high school project, Feber turned it into a sellable product and during his freshman year of college, he got his patent approved. After that, he managed to find his way onto Shark Tank.

What Happened During The Pitch?

The Sharks were quite impressed with Feber’s product and capabilities. Nonetheless, the Sharks were worried that the filter was just a product and not a business on its own. Feber said that he wanted the investment to minimize the cost of the product and grow his profit margin.

Another concern was that Feber was a full-time student and as such could not devote the time he required to growing the business. Even though they were hesitant at first, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Mark Cuban all made offers to Feber.

Feber preferred Cuban as his investor for $50,000 for 30%. Mark Cuban said that he wanted to focus on growing profit margins by pushing the product and expanding the marketing without lowering the cost of the filter.

BRUW partnered up with and was then purchased by Shark Tank alumni, Snarky Tea which adapted the filter. The deal was confirmed and the business is active currently.

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