Richard Branson Is Renting Out Rooms On His Private Necker Island For Over $5,000 Per Night

In case you are looking for a place to get the entire family together in one place for a forthcoming holiday, consider renting out some rooms on Necker Island, the private island in the Caribbean owned by billionaire Richard Branson!

Historically, Richard just rented the whole island out, normally to ultra-wealthy people for a whole season at a costly rate. Richard recently updated his policies to allow individual rooms to be rented starting at $5,400 per night. Here is the pitch made by James Basson, the island’s general manager:

“At Necker Island, we want every guest to leave feeling like they’ve discovered their own private slice of paradise – there is a level of exclusivity, personalization, and laidback luxury you won’t find anywhere else in the world.”

It is not cheap to stay on Necker Island, but the room rates do include a bit more than a normal hotel stay: all the drinks and meals are included, as is transportation to and from the island and nearby Virgin Gorda or Beef Island airports, and many other recreational activities. One of the island’s only limitations: No arrivals or departures are allowed on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Branson acquired Necker Island in 1976, only six years after launching the Virgin Group. He paid $120,000 and guaranteed the development of a resort within a four-year deadline. He then invested an additional $10 million in the resort, which took three years to complete.

Since then, it has become a popular resort for the rich and famous, and even former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama have spent some time in this resort in the past.

In case you cannot hack a Necker Island getaway this holiday season, the VirginLimitedEdition YouTube channel has a great video tour of the island and its resort accommodations that you can watch below instead:

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