Odr Skis Net Worth In 2022

Kevin Greco is the owner of the company ODR Skis. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling Lightweight Ski Boot Blades. Greco came on the 12th season of the ABC series, Shark Tank where he pitched his business idea to the Sharks.

Notably, he went on to the show hoping to get a deal of at least $200,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in his company. Did he get a deal for the company ODR Skis?

ODR Skis net worth

The ODR Skis firm makes and sells the special skis with their popular ODR Skis also known as Sled Dogs. They are uniquely designed skates that integrate ice skating skis and skiing gear. Their skates were designed and developed to avoid the hassles associated with lugging and carrying around heavy equipment.

They have a compact design that makes it quite easy to transport them wherever you go. These ODR Ski boots are safer than the traditional skis and they also enable the user to easily and smoothly fly down the slopes.

Watch this YouTube video to get to learn more about the brand and then follow them on Instagram to get updates on their latest posts.

How Was The Odr Skis Company Launched?

ODR Skis was launched by a community of riders that are mainly passionate about the mountains. The firm was not launched by the owner, Kevin Greco. Greco became a salesperson for ODR Skis and had intensive and considerable success in North America. As a result of some restrictions from the founder, he offered to acquire the firm and became the owner.

What Happened During The Shark Tank Appearance?

Kevin Greco presented a great pitch for the sharks. He had proof that his firm had an incredible $660,000 in sales in 2017, followed by $997,000 in sales a year later. For the 2019-2020 skiing season, Greco estimated that they did $1.5 million in sales. These figures enabled them to turn a small profit.

The ODR Skis pitch sounded quite good to the Sharks. However, despite all that, they never offered him an investment deal. They were a little doubtful after they reviewed the company’s past. Kevin then walked away from the Shark Tank without any deal.

Where Is The Company Today?

You may now be wondering where the company is today. Based on their official site, they appear to be quite successful despite not securing a deal from shark tank. Analysts and experts say that the company has a market net worth of over $2 million having recorded annual revenue of about $2.5 million in 2021.

In that context, the fact remains that ODR Skis has expanded into designing, developing, and selling more accessories to their customers. All their products and services are available for purchase and inquiry on their online store. Interestingly, the firm has also appeared on People Are Awesome, Thrillist, AOL, and Discovery Channel.

The ODR Skis community is currently spread throughout the world, in at least 41 countries.

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