Obvious Wines Net Worth 2022

Obvious Wines said that it has a mission to sell wine that is high-quality, affordable, and snob-free. The founder Brice Ballie is a French native and former wine snob who appeared on episode 12 of season 10 of the popular ABC show, Shark Tank.

When he came to the show, he hoped to impress the sharks with his idea and get a deal of $150,000 in exchange for 5% equity in the firm. The sharks liked his pitch and he got a deal.

Obvious Wines is a firm that sells good wine at reasonable prices. Their wines can easily be recognized with the numbers one to six and two keywords that distinguish the style of wine that is found inside the bottle. Brice says that his company offers curated wines for an easy wines experience. This business strategy has enabled to company to grow to reach a net worth of $1.7 million as of 2022.

Instead of getting to wonder if you are in the mood for Bordeaux or Burgundy, you can simply look at the descriptors like bright and crisp, rich and oaky, dark and bold, simply rose, or light and lively. The Obvious Wines range is also vegan.

Here is a video from where you can learn more about these products.

Obvious Wines Overview        

Brice is a Frenchman who previously was a wine snob. At some point, he thought about everything and felt that people should not require any special education to enjoy a glass of top-quality wine.

The fact remains that wine snobs can make the process of choosing your bottle quite stressful and intimidating. Brice decided to develop something where choosing a glass of wine is as easy, casual, and fun as it is to drink. He then discovered that there is a high demand for boutique, vegan and eco-friendly wines.

He started contacting California wineries that fit his desired criteria and Obvious Wines was born in the process.

Shark Tank Appearance

Brice Ballie walked into the Shark Tank show looking for an investment of $150,000 for 5% equity in the business. The Sharks were impressed by his business idea and his business model.

Lori Greiner was highly interested in this business idea because she knows women purchase lots of wine and want just a simple way to pair wine with their food. She offered Brice $160,000 in exchange for 12.5% equity in the firm and he readily accepted the offer.

Where Is Obvious Wines Currently?

Since his appearance on the Shark Tank show, Brice has so far managed to branch out to stock six carefully sourced wines from several sustainable, family-owned vineyards in Chile, California, and France. Today, this company even offers bubbly.

The Obvious Wines collection is now available at over 170 retail outlets and restaurants throughout Southern California. The wines can also be acquired directly from the company’s online store, and they have someone to drop them at your doorstep.

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