Judge Orders Kevin Costner To Start Paying $130K Monthly In Child Support

The fierce divorce battle between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner is not yet over, but it is a step closer to its conclusion. A judge has “tentatively” ruled that Costner’s child support obligation for every month will be $129,755 a month.

That decision is not set in stone since there is still another scheduled hearing to confirm the arrangement, although, in divorces like this, the tentative figure is reported to normally be the one that eventually sticks.

In case it sticks, Baumgartner will be receiving something a little more than half of the $248,000 per month she was asking for, and which Kevin Costner took her to court over. Nonetheless, it is more than double Costner’s initial offer of $51,940 each month (and covering extra expenses for their three children), so maybe both parties seem to be walking away somewhat dissatisfied, the mark of a good compromise.

Baumgartner filed legal documents terming Costner’s offer “completely inappropriate,” and instead asked for $248,000 every month, and additional time and money to get a new place. Baumgartner’s refusal to vacate a California home belonging to the former couple was entirely another aspect of their court battle, and a judge recently ruled she was required to be out by the end of the month according to their prenuptial agreement.

While Kevin Costner had allegedly agreed to cover their children’s education and medical expenses adding onto the formal child support, the new ruling splits these expenses down the middle between them. But Costner is now also on the hook for $200,000 for Baumgartner’s legal fees and an additional $100,000 for “forensic costs” related to the trial.

The attorneys for both of them now have their work cut out because another hearing will be scheduled in the coming months to settle on a permanent child support arrangement, and both Baumgartner and Costner will provide evidence to have the figure raised or lowered. But, as mentioned earlier, the figure does not change much if at all.

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