GarmaGuard Net Worth In 2022

By description, GarmaGuard is a non-toxic and fully natural garment and fabric cleanser and spray. It was designed to help in getting rid of odor-causing bacteria. It helps in removing odor, dirt, and bacteria. The cleanser is marketed as a safe alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants and is shown effective against various germs and bacteria.

This product can be sprayed into various types of clothing, surfaces, and fabrics. Notably, the cleanser is GMO friendly, with its main ingredient being citric acid, an organic chemical known to effectively kill bacteria.

GarmaGuard Net Worth

Pete Badawy and Bianca Badawy are the founders and owners of GarmaGuard. Pete partnered with his wife Bianca to launch the brand. Before coming to Shark Tank, Pete worked as a US Army Veteran Police Officer.

He and his wife work first responder jobs and had a silent rule to always get rid of scrubs after work before entering the house to avoid bringing any infections and germs home.

Growing tired of that tedious process, the couple sought a disinfectant that would help in eliminating all forms of unnecessary bacteria and odor, keeping their clothes fresh for longer. After failing to find a viable cleanser, Pete decided to invent his in-house brand and so GarmaGuard was created.

Why Is GarmaGuard Gaining Popularity?

GarmaGuard is small and compact, which makes it considerably easy to take along with you, put in your car, and keep in your purse.

One spray of GarmaGuard will help in eliminating all sorts of unnecessary dirt, odors, and bacteria regardless of the surface or item. It can be used on bedding, clothing, uniforms, shoes, towels, cat seats, dog beds, exercise equipment, and couches.

The cleanser enables you to keep whatever you touched throughout the day, away from home keeping you and your family safe from harmful bacteria and germs.

Appearance On Shark Tank

Bianca and Pete Badawy entered Shark Tank looking for an investment of $300,000 for 10% equity. Despite some interest from the sharks, sadly the couple left the show without any offer. One of the key determining factors was that the product did not have a “kills covid” badge.

They continue building and growing their company attracting more customers. Although the firm failed to secure any investment from Shark Tank, the business is still operational and generates between $500,000 and $800,000 in revenue.

The couple is passionate about their product and appears determined to help people remain free of harmful bacteria and germs.

GarmaGuard operates as an environmentally friendly business for businesses, homes, and cars. Despite not getting any offer during their appearance on Shark Tank, they continue to remain highly motivated in developing the best GMO-free products and grow their business significantly.

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