Capixal Review – Trade with more than 350 assets

Capixal was founded in 2021 and although it has a short history, it has already managed to become very popular among traders. It is fully legit and trustworthy and is regulated and licensed by CySEC. With Capixal, you are allowed to benefit from trading more than 350 assets.

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Capixal provides traders with plenty of opportunities. You can create several types of accounts, which are prominent by their features and are armored with newly-developed and modern functions. What’s more, investors can have access to generous educational materials.

The broker supplies you with a unique user experience and its interface is super user-friendly. It provides you with numerous analytical tools and furnishes customers with more than one trading platform.

Besides, Capixal is among the top Forex brokers and it allows investors to trade with CFDs, which is quite a beneficial and profitable thing. Meanwhile, users are allowed to use the demo accounts and see how the broker works.

The above-discussed features and characteristics are the reason why we offer you a Capixal review, where you can get more detailed information about the broker and how it works.

capixal review

Capixal Review – Is it a trustworthy broker?

While trading Forex, one of the priorities for traders is safety. There are many scammers in the market, but it is not the case for Capixal.

Capixal, as we already mentioned is a regulated and licensed company by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). CySEC is one of the world-famous regulators, which was founded in 2001 and is successfully operating in the FX market. Its regulating and licensing system is providing traders with superb safety and security. The transaction and trading history, as well, the past performance is confidential. There is no way to lose your funds because of the company’s illegal actions. Capixal provides investors with safety.

On the website, we can find, the company’s license number which is 327/16.  What’s more Capixal is operated by IFC Investment Cyprus LTD, with an address of Arch, Makariou III, 242. P. Lordos Centre, block A, 2nd floor, Office 203, Limassol.

So the information about Capixal licensing and regulating is quite transparent, which proves the company’s trustworthiness and excludes Capixal fraud.

What can you trade at Capixal?

Capixal provides investors with various and valuable assets.  In total, there are more than 350 trading instruments available for Capixal users. You can find all of the accessible assets on the Capixal website in the section of “Markets”.  Among the trading assets available at Capixal, you can trade the following:

  • commodities
  • cryptocurrencies
  • stocks
  • indices

Through the CFDs, traders are allowed to speculate on the price movements in the market and get money easily. Some of the commodities, which you can find at Capixal are brent oil, copper, platinum, sugar, crude oil, wheat, and so on.

Also, among the cryptocurrencies, you can trade with currency pairs like BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, BTC/USD, ADA/USD, BAB/USD, DSH/USD, DSH/GBP, BTG/USD, and many more.

If want to trade Forex, you can trade with the currency pairs that have a high potential of giving you a lot of profit. Some of the available currency pairs at Capixal are EUR/USD, GPB/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/CHF, GBP/AUD, AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, and many more.

You can trade with indices at Capixal easily and quickly. Capixal provides traders with a one-tap trading function which is quite useful things while operating in an unstable and volatile market. The number of accessible indices is more than 10 and it includes indices like Dow Jones 30, SPC 500, NAS 100, and so on.

After the improvement of CFDs, stocks aren’t affordable for only elites. At Capixal traders can get shares through CFDs too.

For access to the mentioned and many more trading assets, the first thing you need to is creating a live trading account.


Capixal Review

Capixal Review – Account Types

Creating a live account at Capixal is super quick and easy. For opening an account some of the information you need to indicate is the first name, last name, E-mail, Country code with a phone number and password. After that, you need to agree that you’re more than 18 years old. Then there will be another window, where you should indicate additional information about you, including the purpose of opening a trading account.

Then you’ll be redirected to the page where you have to prove your identity. It may seem that there are long processes to take, but by the instant clicks, it takes no more than a few minutes.

Available account types on Capixal are Silver, Gold, and Platinium Accounts. You can take advantage of creating a professional account as well, which has additional features and provides you with an increased chance of seeing many profits and get personalized Capixal promotions.

Let’s overview what are the differences between the mentioned Capixal account, what are their advantages, offered features, functions and how do they work.

Silver Account

Silver Account offers traders beneficial spread and amount of FX leverage. The amount of FX leverage for a retail account is defined by 1:30. The mentioned leverage is defined through the regulations of the EU.

Silver Account is most suited for traders with less experience.  Because of that silver account users are allowed to get a bunch of analytical tools and indicators.

Silver Account traders can get several possibilities from Capixal like

  • access to more than 350 CFDs on assets
  • flexible spreads
  • free education hub
  • multilingual support
  • and many more.

Gold Account

Those traders who intend to be gold account users can get various opportunities. The features which are familiar with the silver account are also affordable for gold account users, like hedging function, amount of FX leverage, access to educational materials, and so on.

One of the significant differences between silver and gold accounts is that the gold account provides the trader with a 25% swap discount, which allows traders spend less money on spreads. Apart from that, gold account users are furnished with a function of a dedicated account manager.

Furthermore, gold account customers are awarded a lower average execution speed and spreads are starting from 20.

Like silver account traders, gold account traders don’t have an access to free VPS and customized investment news.

Platinium Account

Platinium account offers traders the most advanced services. The Forex broker offers traders access to a leverage up to 1:30.

Platinium Account is the most suitable for those traders who enjoy being a part of FX trading, have the experience, and are maximally oriented on the winnings. What’s more, Platinium Account users are provided with a 50% swap discount, which is quite a beneficial feature and allows investors to save their money and spend it with more care.

One of the significant features which are offered by Capixal for those who are using Platinium Account is that it gives us access to free VPS, which provides traders with additional safety and security. By using the mentioned functions, customers can get rational decisions and raise their money earnings.

Professional Account

Capixal Forex broker offers investors several opportunities, including low spreads, pro-account activities, multilingual customer support, exclusive education materials, leverage as high as 1:500, stop-out 15%.

For opening a professional account some requirements have to be fulfilled, including a financial portfolio should be estimated at least with 500 000 EUR.

capixal review

Trading platforms available at Capixal

After the reviewing of Capixal account types, it’s time to give you some information about the trading platforms which can meet the interest of every trader. At Capixal you can find three trading platforms:

  • MetaTrader4
  • WebTrader
  • Mobile trading application

MetaTrader4 is one of the most famous trading platforms, which provides traders with numerous features and opportunities. Capixal MT4 offers investors software for web, mobile, and desktop trading. So, it allows customers to trade from several devices without losing time. MT4, as well, has an instant execution system, one-click trading, and many features which aids us to act quickly. MetaTrader4 is also famous for its security and safety. Besides, it furnishes investors with interactive charts and gives them a unique user experience.

capixal review

WebTrader is one of the trading platforms which offers traders amazing services and provides them with plenty of helpful and useful indicators and tools. Capixal WebTrader is a browser-based trading platform which does not require to be downloaded. It supplies traders with instant access to markets. What’s more, it has customizable notifications as well. Also, its feature of analyzing our previous performance and decisions lead us to re-generate our strategy and see our strengths and weaknesses.

capixal review

Capixal mobile trading application is available both for Android and iOS users. Traders can get the application through the App Store and Play Store. The mobile application provides users with several opportunities including a customizable trading environment, stop loss/take profit set up. Also, it offers traders more than 60 professional analytical tools, give us access to more than 350 different assets through CFDs.

capixal review

How to make deposits?

After choosing the account you want to create and the trading platform which is the most suitable for you, you can start depositing a certain amount of money. Firstly, it should be said, that for making your account active you need to deposit a minimum of 20 USD on your account. How does it work?

Firstly, after registering on the Capixal website, you’ll see on the homepage up to the right corner the window of “Deposit”. After clicking that you’ll be allowed to deposit with both traditional methods, such as Credit/Debit card and Bank transfers, or go with modern solutions, like E-wallets. Some of the payment methods you can have access to while trading with Capixal are VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, and so on. The Forex broker makes sure that every deposit and withdrawal is conducted in a short time. Mostly, these processes take no longer than 24 hours, however, if there’s a high request it may last no more than 48 hours.

How to get in touch with the broker?

For those traders who have some questions and need more details about FX trading, Capixal has a service of Customer Support. You can get in touch with Capixal in several ways, including:

  • Special phone number – +448000318277
  • Live Chat – available on broker’s website
  • Email

Apart from that, Capixal offers to traders FAQs, where there are given exhaustive information about the most frequently asked questions.

capixal review

High-quality educational material of Capixal reviewed

One of the advantages of using Capixal is that it provides investors with plenty of various educational materials. Those traders who are using a live account on Capixal can have access to unique materials, which are extremely useful both for experienced traders and newcomers. Materials are divided into categories and each of the categories provides us with useful and helpful information and guides. The categories that can be seen on the Capixal website are:

  • VOD
  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Tutorials
  • Economic Calendar
  • Report Season Calendar
  • Daily News
  • Trading Signals

Each of the above-mentioned educational materials is created by professionals and experienced traders.

Capixal’s numerous educational materials allow traders to have an interesting journey in the world of FX market.

Final Verdict – Do we recommend Capixal Forex broker?

After reviewing Capixal, we found that this broker can be trusted. We believe so because the broker offers many trading assets and useful trading platforms, however, what’s most important is that it is a safe place for traders due to the regulatory framework that it follows.

At the same time, Capixal gives you updates about FX markets and all the changes which are taking place in the mentioned marketplace. Apart from that, the broker provides customers with automatic payments and offers them personalized promotions, which are quite beneficial.

At last, the registration process on the website takes a little time and every indicated information stays confidential.

To conclude, even though that Capixal is newly-established, it’s growing from time to time and provides you with several profitable opportunities. So, if you are searching for a broker, which supports you with plenty of profits and modernized features, you can confidently start with Capixal.

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