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ABInvesting is a fairly newly-established Forex broker, mainly offering its services to African, South American, and Asian regions. Although the Forex broker does not have a long history, it was already able to attract thousands of traders. The Forex broker offers you access to more than 350 trading assets, making it a very diverse and inclusive place for investing.

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To learn more about the offerings and services of the broker, we have decided to review ABInvesting and everything that the broker stands for. We were very glad to find out that ABInvesting is a safe and secure Forex broker, focusing a lot on the safety of its clients.

If you are looking for a new broker but are having a hard time finding a new and trustworthy provider, we have great news for you! ABInvesting is an amazing option for every trader because of the services that it offers. Follow our review to learn more about the company and start trading today!

reviewing ABInvesting

ABInvesting review – Is it a safe broker?

While trading Forex, your top priority should be the safety of your funds. There are many Forex brokers available in the market, but not all of them offer traders the safety and security that is needed so much in Forex. One thing that can be a sign that a broker is safe to trust is the license.

We were very glad to find out that ABInvesting is a regulated Forex broker. The team behind the company cares about the experience that traders have and works very hard to make sure that every trader is in an equal environment and that everyone can feel safe and secure while trading Forex.

This is possible by adopting different types of policies that make trading more accessible and transparent for everyone. The Forex broker strictly obeys and follows the regulatory framework of Mauritius Financial Services Commission, FSC.

Because of this license, the broker is required to adopt different types of policies. This includes negative balance protection, account segregation, and many others. Because of this, we believe that trading with ABInvesting is safe and that this Forex broker can be trusted by traders.

What can you trade at ABInvesting?

ABInvesting offers traders numerous different trading assets. In total, there are more than 350 trading instruments available for traders right now. Because of such a high number of trading assets, anyone can very easily find something to enjoy at ABInvesting. If you are looking forward to diversifying your trading portfolio, you will love the offerings of ABInvesting.

Review of ABInvesting trading assets

You can trade the following assets with this broker:

  • Shares of leading companies
  • Soft and hard commodities
  • Best-known indices
  • More than 45 Forex currency pairs
  • Over 30 cryptos
  • Precious metals such as Silver and Gold

Trading so many assets at this broker are available through CFDs. CFDs are a great option for trading. Although it is true that they can be risky, it still attracts thousands of traders because of its simplicity. The greatest thing about it is probably the fact that you do not have to own any asset directly, rather, you can speculate on the price movements in the market. This way, you will be able to make profits during both uptrend and downtrend.

To gain access to any of these trading assets, you will first have to create a live trading account.

Reviewing ABInvesting – Account types

To make its services as accessible as possible, the Forex broker has decided to offer its clients different types of accounts so that anyone can find something to enjoy. There are three types of accounts available at ABInvesting and they are all created for different types of traders. You can create the following accounts at ABInvesting:

  • Silver Account – A perfect choice for those who are just getting started in Forex trading
  • Gold Account – Great way to advance your trading skills with special offerings
  • Platinum Account – Trade more with higher leverage and tighter spreads with this account

reviewing abinvesting accounts

But this is not all. For the complete beginners in the Forex trading market, the broker also offers a demo trading account. As our review of ABInvesting shows, a demo trading account is a perfect way to start trading Forex.

With this account, you will be given a certain amount of virtual cash which can be used for trading. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to make any profits with this account. However, it still is a great way to learn more about Forex trading, get used to the way the trading platform works, and grow as a trader in general.

Although many people think that this account is only created for beginner traders this is not true at all. Even experienced traders can find a lot of this that is very helpful about a demo trading account. You can create this account to test out different types of trading strategies and see which ones work better for you. It can also be used to test out the offerings of the broker and see how it really works.

Creating a live trading account

Creating a live trading account with this Forex broker is fairly easy. It will take you only just a few minutes to sign up with the ABInvesting. However, keep in mind that you will have to verify your identity. For this, you will be asked to provide different types of documentation.

To prove your identity, you will have to provide a copy of your passport or National ID. After this, you will also be asked to verify your location, for which, you can use a copy of a utility bill that was issued in the last three months.

This documentation is required by the broker because it follows the KYC policy. The Know Your Customer policy is a very important one, which works very well in the fight against money laundering.

The Islamic Account of ABInvesting reviewed

The Forex broker works tirelessly to make sure that everyone can find something to enjoy at the website of the broker. To make sure that it does so, the broker decided to offer traders an Islamic account. The Islamic Account is a halal type of account, which means that it is following the beliefs of the Quran.

According to the Sharia law of the Quran, it is prohibited to accumulate or pay any interest rates. With the Islamic trading account, you will be able to trade without having to pay swaps. However, keep in mind that this account is created only for those who are not able to trade otherwise because of their religious beliefs.

The leverage offered by ABInvesting

As our review of ABInvesting shows, the Forex broker offers very generous leverage to its clients. The amount of leverage that traders can use varies according to the trading account and the asset that you are using for investment.

The leverage for Forex traders is higher on this broker than for traders of other assets. The silver account holders of the broker are able to trade Forex with limited leverage, which can only go up to 1:200. For the gold account, it is double as much, 1:400.

currency pairs trading at ABInvesting reviewed

The maximum leverage is offered to Forex traders with a Platinum account, gearing up to 1:500. If you are trading metals, indices, and commodities, the leverage is 1:50 with a silver account, the maximum leverage for this asset with a silver account can go up to 1:100, as for the platinum account holders, it can go all the way up to 1:200.

For stocks, offered leverage is a little lower. If you use the Silver account for stocks trading you will have to use leverage under 1:20, for the gold account the maximum leverage on stocks is 1:40, while for platinum traders, it can go up to 1:50. The lowest leverage is offered to crypto traders, standing at 1:2.

Every trader should always keep in mind that trading with high leverage can work as a double-edged sword, which means that it not only increases the profits but can also impact the risks. It is recommended to use higher leverage only when you have enough experience in Forex and understand it fully.

Trading platforms available at ABInvesting

As our review of ABInvesting shows, the Forex broker offers three types of trading accounts. They are designed so that they can meet the interest of every trader. You can find the following trading platforms at ABInvesting:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • WebTrader
  • Mobile trading application

review of ABInvesting platforms

MetaTrader 4 is one of the best-known trading platforms in the market. It was created by a famous Russian company called MetaQuotes in 2005 and it has forever changed Forex trading. After 16 years, the trading platform was able to gain a reputation as a leading platform in the market.

The MT4 trading platform offers traders amazing services and very helpful trading indicators and tools. They are designed to make Forex trading easier for investors. The best thing about it is that it can also be used not only as a trading platform but as a charting solution and place for analysis.

As for the WebTrader, it is a great offer for those who do not want to download the additional applications on their computer. The browser-based WebTrader of ABInvesting is very easy to use and offers traders access to the trading market in under few minutes. You can start trading right away without downloading anything.

We were also very glad to see that the Forex broker has created a special mobile trading application. It can be used by those who are constantly on the go. If you are one of them, you will be able to always stay in touch with the Forex trading market no matter where you are or what you are doing.

The mobile trading application of the broker is available on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded in just a few minutes through the App Store and Play Store.

How to make deposits?

After you have chosen which account you want to use and which assets you want to trade, it is time for you to make your first deposits with the Forex broker. There are several ways you can do so. The Forex broker made sure that traders are able to make deposits with the payment solution that works best for them.

You can make deposits with more traditional methods, such as Credit/Debit cards and Bank Transfers, or go with more modern solutions, like E-Wallets. The Forex broker makes sure that every deposit and withdrawal is conducted in a timely manner. The Forex broker charges no commissions.

If you want to create a live trading account, you will be required to deposit at least $250. For a demo account, you are not required to deposit anything.

How to get in touch with the broker?

If you have any questions about Forex trading and the services of the Forex broker, you can very easily get in touch with the representatives of the Forex broker through numerous options of Customer Support. The team is available 24 hours a day in different ways. You can use the following options to contact the customer support team of ABInvesting:

  • Special phone number – +441214682461
  • Live Chat – Available on the website of the broker
  • Email –

We have tried all of these three options and were very glad to see that all of them work very well. The representatives of the company got back to us very fast and we were able to get the information that we needed without waiting for too long.

Attractive educational material of ABInvesting reviewed

ABInvesting offers traders a very attractive educational material, which is full of information about Forex trading. The educational material is full of useful tips and tricks on how to make Forex trading more rewarding and enjoyable.

review educational materials of abinvesting

This educational material can be very useful for both beginner and experienced traders. The material is prepared by professional traders with decades-long of experience in Forex trading. We believe that anyone can find something to learn new from the educational material of the company.

Do we recommend this broker?

We have reviewed ABInvesting and were able to find out that it offers amazing services to its clients. Although it is true that the broker does not have a long history, it has already been able to attract thousands of traders and it is only growing every single day.

The Forex broker offers services in several different countries, mostly focusing on the regions of South America, Africa, and Asia. We believe that ABInvesting is a legit Forex broker and recommend it to our readers. So, if you are looking for a new Forex broker to start trading with, you can confidently with ABInvesting.

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