Beulr Net Worth In 2022

Beulr is artificial intelligence (AI) subscription-based service named after “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”. The service is designed to attend online lectures and meetings on your behalf. Peter Solimine is the creator of this project.

He approached the Sharks seeking an investment to get the word out about the existence of his company. Sadly, none of the Sharks were interested in what he had to offer. As of April 2022, the company has a net worth of $700,000.

What Is Beulr?

Beulr is an AI interface that attends meetings, records, and also transcribes them for the user without needing them to be in attendance. For starters, you are offered three free meetings then you can move on to a monthly membership that costs $19.

The app enables you to log in or attend online meetings, parties, and lectures and seem as though you are present even when you are not in the same location.

Peter Solimine is the brain behind Beulr. He launched the project after he could not get an alternate way to delay his 8 am lectures. He stated that in case he attended the early lecture, he was not entirely awake.

He wanted a reliable way that he could ‘attend’ the lectures and have a record of them to enable him to go back and watch carefully when he was fully alert and awake.

Sadly, the creation of the service cost him an internship at Goldman Sachs and The Wall Street Journal reported that he developed the app since he was lazy and wanted to look for ways to avoid early classes.

What Happened During The Shark Tank Pitch?

Mark Cuban majorly criticized Solimine on his monthly subscription service and asked why he had not set up a one-time fee option. Solimine responded by saying that he had not even considered that billing strategy.

Nevertheless, despite all that, he had managed to get 92,000 users with just $300 spent on promotion. Lori Greiner said that this product was clever and may be useful to some students. But, she did not agree with the ethical issue of not attending classes and meetings although the user seems to be there. On that note, she pulled away from the negotiations.

Daymond John believed the idea of 21st-century hooky was fun. Nonetheless, he was worried about the effect Beulr may have on communication in the workplace. Communication is important to John and so he decided to withdraw from the race as well.

Robert Herjavec hated that idea and told Solimine that it was not a commercial idea and he could not successfully run Beulr as a company. He was out. Cuban said that he did not know his AI well enough and that having growth instead of income as his key priority was wrong. He also opted out. Watch the episode here.

What Came Up After Shark Tank Appearance?

Beulr is still active and has a considerable social media following. This small business has a TikTok following of 2,300 and an Instagram following of 7,300 users. Notably, the Beulr website suggests that they are seeking investors and more developers to join the team. But, there is a lot of competition from bigger players like Webex, Ciscopark, OpenVidu, and Zoom.

Solimine never prepared a pitch for the Tank, and it was evident from the lack of interest from the Sharks. Although he never got an investor from the show, his business is still in operation, and constantly growing in popularity at a time when online meetings demand a lot from the normal person.

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