Aqua Boxing Gloves Net Worth In 2022

The Aqua Boxing Gloves is the brand that enables boxing to meet resistance training, all powered by water. Filling the Aqua Boxing Gloves with water offers users an increased resistance without the impact and strain normally associated with traditional boxing training.

Notably, the Aqua Boxing Gloves are travel-friendly, portable, and have been well-tested by daily fitness enthusiasts and seasoned athletes in and out of the ring.

Former grave-digger and professional boxer Tony Tokumbo Adeniran is the brain behind the Aqua Boxing Glove. The Super Middle Division Pro boxer is a resident and native of Houston, Texas. He started his boxing career in 2014 and was active in the ring until 2019. Tony is also a certified USA boxing coach who graduated from the University of Texas awarded with a business management degree.

He now lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he owns and operates a boxing gym by the name Black Stallion Boxing Plus.

Why Aqua Boxing Gloves Brand Is Popular

The popularity of the Aqua Boxing Glove lies within its simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of use. Aqua Boxing Gloves just need you to add up to one pound of water in every glove and then strap them up like the traditional boxing gloves. From there, you can easily start training anywhere, anytime with suitable supervision and guidance from a certified coach or training program.

Unlike normal weighted boxing gloves, Aqua Boxing Glove users will not encounter sagging, chaffing, or additional pressure on their wrists since a user’s movement redistributes water responsively to offer rapid resistance.

Shark Tank Appearance

The Aqua Boxing Glove came to Shark Tank energetically on Episode 24 of Season 13 in May 2022. While the Aqua Boxing Glove already had $40,000 in pre-orders at the time the program was filmed, it was not enough for Tony to convince any Shark to invest in his project – not even guest Shark Kevin Hart who is an avid boxer during his free time.

Where Is The Company Today?

As of July 2022, the Kickstarter campaign for the Aqua Boxing Glove brand has been backed by 151 backers. Tony often updates his backers and recently posted a message where he thanked them for their patience in the wake of supply chain challenges that came up due to the pandemic.

Tony recently published a website for Aqua Boxing Glove that features sponsored athletes Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, Rudy Gay, Joshua Franco, and Patricio O’Ward as the official supporters of the product.

Apart from the Aqua Boxing Glove, the website lists a carrying sports duffel bag, and polyester quick hand wraps all available on pre-order.

While the Aqua Boxing Gloves seem to be a promising fitness invention and Tony went to the Shark Tank swinging, it appears like more work is required to bring it to the mainstream world. We need to cross our fingers that Tony resolves the supply chain issues and product delays very fast so that we get to experience the benefits that are offered by the no-impact resistance product.

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