Trading in the cloud

Trading in the year 2016 is complete different from what it used to be just a few years ago. The technology progresses fast and the way traders fill their orders today are very inclined by the technology. There are a few available markets for financial trading, yet they don’t progress at the same paste.

Traders no longer want to install and run any applications. Their main wish is to have a platform that is easily accessible from any laptop or desktop. Preferably trader’s settings should be saved in a cloud so the chart looks the same. Next to this, traders want to trade on the go. They want to fill orders while travelling or just when there is a free minute.a

Currency market or Forex is quite a notorious place as the trades are performed on the margin and this sets the risks quite high. Having said this, it is also the market where brokers earn the most, and this results in the most rapid technological advancement. This is why today we will mostly take a look at the cloud trading platforms available in the retail FX sector. This article is not a call for trading FX in any way, it is rather an explanation why we should look into FX trading software to estimate how stock trading software will look in a few years from now.

Today we will take a look at three most common web based trading applications.


It is a great trading platform that has became popular only recently. It is an advanced trading solution that features integrated 1-click-trading, Depth of Market, automated robots and full customisation options.


What makes this platform great is that its web version is identical to the regular desktop app. There is just absolutely no difference. Another feature that makes this platform amazing is that all of the trader’s settings can be saved in a cloud with cTrader ID.

A disadvantage of this platform is rather simple. It is designed for the professionals and a rookie trader may just get lots in all of the bells and whistles.

It is also possible to trade via cTrader using your Android device.

MetaTrader 4 Web

MT4 is the most widely spread platform for trading currencies online. This software has been around for over a decade, yet the web platform was released only in August 2015. Even though it has been more than 6 months since the platform is up and running, it has not been adopted by a large amount of FX brokers. Only a few offer access to MT4 Web to its clients, to save your time – preview Admiral Markets MT4 Web if you are curious to see this software in action.

MetaTrader 4 Web

In general, this is a platform that has a slightly better design than its desktop version, but it does fail in the functionality. The amount of objects, trading indicators and customisation options is just incomparable to the desktop app. Nevertheless, MT4 Web is expected to receive quite some updates over the course of next few years.

This platform provides great options for mobile trading as it has apps for Android phones, iPhones and iPads.


Initially TradingView was known as a charting application available in as a web app. It was mostly monetising by selling premium accounts, yet recently it started offering trading capabilities too.


There are quite a few items that make this platform great. First of all, there is a great amount of users that share their trading ideas. This is a platform with a great community behind. Next to this, it is only available as a web app, meaning that the developers never had a decision of bringing their web app to the same level as a desktop app.

Also, the technical analysis capabilities, notifications, customisation options and anything else is just superior. What is necessary to mention here is that this is not really an FX platform. You can generally trade anything at TradingView, stocks, futures, commodities, options – the range of markets is just enormous.

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