SparkCharge Net Worth In 2022

By description, SparkCharge is a mobile charging service designed for electric vehicles throughout the United States. SparkCharge is an automotive firm that manufactures and develops charging stations for electric vehicles.

SparkCharge manufactures mobile charging units that can offer an electric vehicle with a ±1 mile range for every minute of its charging. Moreover, there has also been an app created which enables potential clients to connect with local service contractors.

SparkCharge net worth

Their overarching aim is to make being an electric vehicle owner easy and stress-free by manufacturing an on-the-go charging network.

Josh Aviv and Chris Ellis are the co-founders and owners of SparkCharge. Ellis takes up the role of Chief Technology Officer while Aviv is the firm’s data scientist. The idea was born in a dorm room when Aviv and his college professor noted that there exists a massive gap in the market, questioning what would happen in case a car ran flat in the middle of nowhere.

Over the years, the firm has evolved continuously into one of the quickest-growing leaders in the sector and it is just the beginning.

Why Is SparkCharge Popular?

SparkCharge is a fast, portable charging unit for electric vehicles. It generates 1 mile for each minute of charging, which is significantly faster than the normal charging units found currently. The advantages and convenience that this service provides make it considerably easy and reliable for the clients whenever they need it.

The device is readily available in most of the major sectors in the United States, irrespective of the day or time – in case a client’s car has run flat, SparkCharge has them covered always.

Shark Tank Appearance

Josh Aviv and Chris Ellis arrived on Shark Tank with high hopes of getting an investment of $1 million in exchange for 6% equity. After they pitched their business successfully to the Sharks, Josh and Chris accepted an offer of $1 million for 10% equity and 4% advisory shares from Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban.

Mark stated that when SparkCharge first appeared on the show, he was convinced that they were on the brink of changing the game for the entire industry.

Where Is The Company Today?

After a successful pitch on the Shark Tank show, SparkCharge is continuing to grow and reach incredible heights. Constantly working on partnerships with other businesses, they strive to make energy much more accessible, helping to build the notion that owning an electric vehicle is easy and more environmentally friendly on a bigger scale.

SparkCharge hopes to continue setting up a healthier, cleaner and safer environment by encouraging the growth of the electric vehicle market.

Aviv and Ellis appear determined to continue developing their firm and evolving their trustworthy products. They strive to give their clients an easy and enjoyable experience that enables them to get back onto the road within no time.

As of July 2022, SparkCharge has a net worth of $7.3 million and is expected to grow even further as more people keep embracing its products.

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