How Much Is Andrew Tate Really Worth?

Many super fans offer lots of feedback about specific celebrities, especially those that are highly active on social media platforms. For instance, fans often say that Tristan Tate’s information needs to be updated almost weekly with some new business ventures that he invests in.

Others are happy with the available information about their beloved celebrities.

However, one celebrity seems to be creating a huge buzz, especially on Twitter and other social media. His name…

Andrew Tate

Many people believe that his net worth is way more than the listed $50 million. Based on most of the feedback, Andrew Tate is said to have a net worth of $300-$400 million. Tate creates a buzz whenever he is in the news and he is in making headlines this week after he interacted with Greta Thunberg.

As stated previously, almost 99% of the feedback can be summarized with something like:

“Andrew is worth way way more than $50 million. More like $300-400 million. His car collection is worth more than $50 million.”

“Net worth should be $400 million. He operates 20 multi-million dollar businesses, earned $100 million off webcam models and owns a casino in Romania.”

Where are all these estimates of the purported $300-400 million fortune coming from?

Business Empire

For anyone who does not know about Andrew Tate, he was a successful kickboxer. After he started his professional kickboxing career in 2005 aged 19, he ranked among the 10-best kickboxers in Britain within a few years. He won some notable fights and dabbled a little in MMA.

Andrew Tate became widely known in 2016 after he appeared on the 17th season of the British reality show “Big Brother.”  Not long after he joined the show, a video of Andrew whipping a woman with a belt began to make rounds on social media. Though the woman later confirmed that the whipping was consensual, he was booted from Big Brother after only six days.

Hustler’s University

In the years that followed since ‘Big Brother’, Andrew Tate has forged a career as a self-help guru for men.

One of his largest sources of income is a subscription advice platform known as “Hustler’s University” which offers men lots of advice on how to be more masculine, score babes, and how to get rich.

Interestingly, “Hustler’s University” reportedly has about 100,000 paying subscribers who pay $49.99 per month for access to the service. If that information is accurate, it means Hustler University is pulling down $5 million in monthly revenue, translating into $60 million in annual revenue.

Andrew Tate Webcams

Andrew together with his younger brother Tristan has allegedly made tens of millions – allegedly up to $100 million – operating a webcam business where men pay $4 per minute to interact with attractive women. They allegedly operate a studio that broadcasts feeds from 75-100 lingerie-clad women, 24 hours a day.

A Romanian Casino?

Another rumor that has come up is that the Tate brothers own a casino or a chain of casinos in Romania where they live today. That investment is yet to be confirmed officially but multiple sources claim that it is the truth. The sources are not authoritative hence the casino business cannot be pinned on Andrew Tate. Here is an example of these publications:

“Andrew Tate’s entrance into the casino industry came about when he met a casino owner whilst commentating on a cage-fighting show in Romania… Eager to diversify his business ventures following his retirement from fighting, Tate proposed investing in a franchise model with the sponsor, setting up his own casinos in Romania under the company’s existing brand name.

After much negotiation, the sponsor agreed to Tate’s terms and the casino business was booming from the offset!

Tate managed to bat off the competition by giving away free coffee at his casinos. Believing Starbucks’ coffees to be overpriced, he thought a casino offering free drinks would set his establishment aside from the competition in Romania – and he wasn’t wrong. Andrew Tate now earns millions of dollars a month from this casino business.”

Andrew also roughly told the same story in an interview:

What Is The Truth?

It is possible that Andrew has invested in casinos in Romania. But for now, such an investment might not result in millions of dollars in monthly income. Here are the general investments that make up Andrew Tate’s empire:

  • $100 million webcam business
  • 100k Hustler University subscribers paying $49.99 per month, reaching $60 million annually
  • Millions in monthly casino income

If all of this were entirely true, then is possible that Andrew Tate has a net worth of more than $100 million currently. Maybe he is even worth between $300 million and $400 million. But, most of these rumors might just be exaggerations which is why the official net worth is believed to be around $50 million.

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