Should I invest in Bitcoin?

The year was fair for cryptocurrencies. The current wave in the world of investment in digital currencies and numerous currencies has shattered records.

As of this year, Bitcoin, the most popular form of cryptocurrency, is over 90 percent higher. This year, Ethereum has grown to over 435%. In the same timeframe, the price of Dogecoin skipped a staggering 7,800%.

It might be difficult to discern if it’s an intelligent idea to invest in crypto if you’re on the fence. Another says it’s a poor investment for every investor who claims that it’s going to transform the world.

If you have followed the news lately, the adoption of Bitcoin has extended extensively to many prominent firms that support the cryptograph openly. Furthermore, since 2019 there has been a steady growth of users that accept the Blockchain wallet. The rapid rate at which consumers accept crypto is an indication that Bitcoin’s popularity will not soon decrease.

Reports show that there are a continuously increased number of investors buying Bitcoin using services such as PayPal and the Cash App. The Bitcoin income of the Cash App really rose to a huge $1.6 billion. A recent study also shows that Cash App’s gross profit was around $30 million during the third quarter of 2020.

In a period of government and bank bailouts, Bitcoin was unleashed into the world, but it was neglected in its early days by the public. Years later, the globe is undergoing another crisis in which several countries undergo rescue and other difficulties themselves.

The reality is, no one knows what crypto will have in the future. But you may want to consider investing for some reasons – and why you may avoid it.

Nevertheless, let’s examine how BTC works and may be used till we go into the depths of whether you should invest in Bitcoin or not.

How Bitcoin works

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which, without an intermediary, you can purchase, sell and exchange directly. Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, initially described the necessity for “a cryptographic proof-based electronic payment system rather than faith.”

Every Bitcoin transaction ever performed resides in a public leaflet that is available to everybody, making it impossible and difficult to counteract transactions. By design, this is: Bitcoins have a decentralized character, and there’s nothing to ensure their worth save the evidence embedded into the core of the system, that the government or an issuing institution support Bitcoins.

“It’s only because we as a people chose to make money worth it — the same thing as gold,” says Anton Mozgovoy, co-founder and chief executive officer of Holyheld’s digital financial services firm.

Bitcoin has increased substantially in value since its public introduction in 2009. Though originally sold for less than $130 per coin, one Bitcoin sold for almost $50,000 on March 1, 2021. Since its supply is restricted to 21 million coins, many predict its prices to continue to increase only as time continues, in particular as larger, institutional investors begin to regard it in the face of market instability and inflation as a type of digital Gold.

Bitcoin is functioning through the use of blockchain technology. As its name indicates, blockchain is a connected set of data consisting of units known as blocks which include the information for every transaction, including date and time, total value, buyer, and seller. In chronological sequence, the entries are arranged to create a digital blockchain.

“It will become accessible to anybody who wants to see a block as a public leader for cryptocurrency transactions after a block is uploaded to the blockchain,” states Stacey Harris, Pelicoin’s consultant on cryptocurrency ATMs’ network.

Blockchain is decentralized, meaning that no entity controls it. Buchi Okoro, CEO, and co-founder of Quidax’s African cryptocurrency exchange says “It’s like a Google Doc anyone can collaborate on,” he said. “Nobody has it, but everyone with a link can help. Your copy is changed when other individuals update it.”

While it can appear hazardous to think that anybody can modify the blockchain, Bitcoin is really reliable and secure. To add a transaction block to the Bitcoin blockchain, the majority of Bitcoin holders must confirm it, and the unique codes that are used to identify the wallets and transactions of the users must comply with the proper pattern of encryption.

These codes are lengthy, unpredictable, and unbelievably hard to create falsely. Indeed, according to Bryan Lotti of Crypto Aquarium, a fraudster who guessed the code for your Bitcoin wallet had almost the same chance as someone who won a Powerbox lottery nine in a row. This degree of statistical randomization check codes, necessary for every transaction, significantly decreases the danger of Bitcoin fraudulent transactions.

How to use Bitcoin?

In the United States Bitcoin is used as an alternative investment, contributing to the diversification of a portfolio separate from equities and bonds. You may also make purchases using Bitcoin, however, there are presently few businesses accepting the money.

Overstock, AT&T, and Twitch are large firms that take Bitcoin. Considerable tiny local businesses or specific websites could handle Bitcoin, but some digging will be needed.

Moreover, PayPal has already enabled cryptocurrencies to finance transactions by automatically changing cryptocurrency holdings into customers’ currencies.

Spencer Montgomery, founding Uinta Crypto Consulting, states “They have 346 million users and connected to 26 million traders. “This is enormous.”

You may also use a service to connect a debit card to your account in Bitcoin that means that you can use a credit card just the same manner. This includes also a banking service that converts your Bitcoin to cash quickly. “Two businesses that regulate in the US are and CoinZoom,” adds Montgomery.

Sometimes, people are using crypt-currency rather than their own, in other nations – in particular those with less stable currencies.

“Bitcoin offers consumers a chance to hold wealth without relying on a government-supported currency,” adds Montgomery. “This offers a choice for a worse situation to hedge individuals. You see individuals in places like Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe already – Bitcoin is having a great momentum in nations that are severely indebted.”

That being said, you have to be mindful of some tax consequences when using Bitcoin as money, not an investment in the USA.

Why you should invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin remains by capitalization the world’s largest digital currency, reaching an all-time high in April of $63,558. Ethereum is the second most important digital asset by market cap. If Bitcoin went below $50,000 on April 23, values for Ethereum and other digital coins were also down, which resulted in a one-day loss of $200 billion in the cryptocurrency market.

Investment in virtual assets is dangerous because of a lack of regulation and continuing volatility and the majority of institutional investors – such as hedge funds, pension funds, and retirement firms – reject the money.

There are several reasons why you should invest in BTC, let’s discuss some of them one by one.

Bitcoin Can Help Diversify Your Portfolio

Some investors resorted to Bitcoin because their bond returns are poor, says Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Chief Institutional Strategist, Jodie Gunzberg. “Bitcoin may offer portfolio diversity since it has almost three years of correlations with other assets. This is really important because many classes of assets have had increasing and positive correlations with mega-cap-technology inventories,” she adds. “Small Bitcoin allocations in a typical portfolio can increase returns and risk-based returns without raising considerably volatility or maximal drawbacks.”

Bitcoin operates through Boston-based Fidelity Digital Assets through several family offices, pension, and hedge funds, asset managers, grantees, and foundations;

Retail investors should restrict their Bitcoin holdings to between 1 and 3 percent, as they “much of their value in a short period,” says Alex Chalekian, Chief Executive Officer of the Lake Avenue Financial department in Pasadena, California.

“An exposure to a crisis that can be a non-related asset for current bonds and equities on a standard account is one of Bitcoin’s major arguments for adding it to your portfolio,” she adds.

The Chance to Make a Profit

We all know that the major reason individuals are so ready to invest in Bitcoin is that they can become billionaires overnight. If you exploit it and purchase it at a lesser price than you plan to sell, you can make Bitcoin.

We also want to emphasize how commercial sites play a huge part in earning money. These platforms are much more than just locations in the market since they have powerful AI algorithms that can enable you to sell your Bitcoins at the greatest price, making the most profit.

We will use Oil as an example as it is one of the most renowned trading sites in the world. Oil profit AI system uses all Bitcoin data to evaluate it in order to determine the variations it will have in the future. Bitcoin has a very high rate of volatility and it is a big benefit to know how much it will sell in the future.

The increase in value mixed with the information that trading platforms like the one we described just recently are the perfect way to generate enormous profits, more than simply a cause to invest in Bitcoin.

The Future Potential

Because Bitcoin is extremely favorably received by many specialists, Bitcoin is going to grow as time progresses.

Some even think that a moment has arrived when a majority of the world’s population utilizes Bitcoin. In these circumstances, governments will have a lot of public pressure and no option, but to officially make it a means of payment. Early investors can take advantage of the occurrences.

Far More Reliable Than Other Cryptos

Bitcoin has triggered a revolution that has encouraged many individuals worldwide to leap into it and try their luck. So many other cryptocurrencies are on the market and many want to invest in those cryptocurrencies. However, the reality is, Bitcoin does not have any other cryptocurrency. In addition to Bitcoin’s many benefits over FIAT currencies, it is far more advanced than other cryptocurrencies.

First of all, Bitcoin has a far more stable network than any other cryptocurrency. Its infrastructure is also far superior, contributing to network stability. Bitcoin is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies on the market and is a huge effort to safeguard its users.

Finally and above all, when it comes to its value, Bitcoin is the uncontested king. In this sector, no other cryptocurrency is even near.

Reasons you shouldn’t invest in BTC

In recent times Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies received much attention. Although some traders can make money from changing prices for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, Charles Schwab’s economists are currently not recommending these as portfolio investments mainly because of their lack of features common to other investments or classes of assets – including traditional money or cash – and their volatility, security, future regulation potential, and other.


As Robert Johnson, a professor of finances at Creighton University, argues investors can only guess about Bitcoin’s future worth as it does not have any inherent value.

“I can’t consider adding BTC to the portfolio any advantages at all,” he said. “It is impossible to invest in BTC. It offers no cash flows for the holder, unlike any stock or bond. That’s what I observed the largest bubble.”

The crypto-monetary market has lost millions of dollars in market caps due to continued huge volatility and hacking, after the Grand Recession, since it began in January 2009.

Investors have to regard Bitcoin as “a very excellent vehicle for a speculative – either a bull or a bear,” says Johnson. Before it falls again, BTC may exponentially increase in value.

He says: “I don’t know when the bubble’s going to collapse and how far BTC’s going to come before the bubble pops.

The same attitude resonates with Bank of America. In a research by the analyst on March 17, the bank said that “There is no compelling justification for owning BTC until you see price rises. It is not inflation-bound and is unusually volatile and hence unsuitable as wealth storage or the payment method.” The bank says that “high pricing value” is the key rationale.

Cyber thieves continue to sneak into Bitcoin accounts since the crime may be quite rewarding. The tracking of footprints is virtually difficult because their crafts are digitally erased and there is no legal remedy for investors because virtual assets are not regulated by a central or government bank.

“Tools have grown to take money straight from crypto wallets and criminals have been bold in their claims and ads on the dark web,” says Chris Morales, Neterrich’s Chief Information Security Officer, California’s IT, Cloud, and Cybersecurity providers.

He says, “Nobody can do it. “When the price of all crypto rises dramatically, it is a good method to get rich compared with a loud ransomware.”

Hackers are also targeting the trade of cryptocurrencies, or exchanges are frauds themselves, adds Morales. “The crypto is the Wild West of the Internet without regulation, and will continue to be.”

Highly speculative

Nobody knows how over time cryptocurrency is going to work. Even if Finance’s top names cannot agree if crypto is a sound investment. Speculation is to some extent a consideration to be taken into account for each investment. Even if you invest in reasonably secure holdings of well-established firms, there is no assurance that these holdings continue to operate successfully over the long term.

Cryptocurrencies are nonetheless far riskier than most equities as they are an investment of a very new kind. Right now, we are in unexplained terrain, so it is unknown if cryptocurrencies find a place in society or if they will be on the side in a few years’ time. This vulnerability is a high-risk investment for cryptography.

In addition, its high volatility is one of the greatest dangers of investing in crypto. Bitcoin, for example, at one time has lost about 80% of its value and often suffers from volatility. Investing in Bitcoin may be very stressful if you are the risk-averse kind. Even if Bitcoin succeeds on a long-term basis (which is not certain), the short-term ups and downs cannot be addressed by all investors.

How can you invest in BTC?

Some investors prefer direct ownership of Bitcoin, while others invest in blockchain funds.

“As of now, direct ownership is the greatest method to invest in Bitcoin,” adds Chalekian. “There are a number of good platforms for buying BTC.”

The retail sector has entered Digital Payments firms like PayPal Holdings (ticker: PYPL) and a few of brokering companies.

Family offices and investors with higher net worth might start by investing in goods from registered funds, Gunzberg adds.

The San Francisco-based Digital Shadows Risk Provider Austin Merritt, a cyber-threat intelligence analyst, explains: investors must store their digitally based assets in a physical and offline wallet to avoid hacking or using trustworthy cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, brokerages, and mobile applications.

Some investors view Bitcoin’s added value as a gold-owned portfolio and as a “safe haven,” when currencies’ values decrease, adds Gunzberg. Others regard it as a new asset class not connected with stocks while certain investors consider it a commodity or currency.

Bitcoin investment might be difficult due to the huge price swings. Bitcoin’s volatility is at least quadruple than in its equities, with 20% moving, with four dips over 80% since 2011 and 16 decreases over 30%,” adds Gunzberg.

“The trustworthiness of information, data, and how it is assessed may be problematic, so Bitcoin still remains in its infancy,” she said.

Things People Ask About Investing in Bitcoin

Can I make money starting with 100 dollars worth of Bitcoin?

There is no exact answer to this question because whether you make money or not is depended on several factors, like the asset’s volatility. If you buy Bitcoin, for now, and the price will go up you’ll make money and see the profit, however, if the market value of the cryptocurrency will go down you’ll lose money. In most of the forums you are reading online, a bullish (positive) movement will usually reverberate in the medium to long term. You may save your $100 bitcoin worth in this situation and wait for the bullish movement to come true (expected sometime this year). For instance, if Bitcoin is double, then your $100 is doubling to $200 and then you may pick what you want to do. On the contrary, if bitcoin prices move, on the contrary, your $100 loses their worth in proportion and that is a loss that you either have to go hard or possibly go deeper into your price estimates and build up more Bitcoin at lower prices to average your entire cost. You can invest some money to master the art of trading (and maybe sometimes, if possible). You may buy/sell these currencies with your bitcoin in hundreds other than bitcoin, dubbed “altcoins.” You may sell these altcoins for profit when and when they rise in value and therefore increase your quantity while you are awaiting movement in the future in bitcoin prices. That’s what my ‘extra’ bitcoins are all about, but I have been quite self-educated and disciplined. Trading, although rewarding, is hazardous if it doesn’t go the desired way all your money may be lost.

Is it smart to invest in Bitcoin right now?

Some experts anticipate that Bitcoin will finally reach $500,000 per token, while others think cryptocurrency is not capable of doing so.

Cryptocurrency investment is a personal decision and depends on your risk tolerance. There is still a relatively new cryptocurrency thus investing is dangerous today. However, if it succeeds, you may make lots of money by so to say, entering the floor. You might choose to wait for a few years to observe how crypto continues to operate when you are a risk-averse investor. If prices rise substantially during this period, though, it can decrease the risk of investing as well. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the biggest cryptocurrencies. It has the oldest history and the greatest practical utility in the world at now, giving it benefits in the cryptographic arena. Meme currencies such as Dogecoin are unbelievably risky and are less likely to thrive over term.

All currencies are high-risk assets, but you may restrict your risk as much as possible by researching and picking your investment properly. Digital currency may or may not prosper in the long term, but it makes more difference if you hold off your investment as long as possible than if you decide to buy.


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