How to Identify a Trustworthy Broker

When looking for a dependable broker for your personal or business finances, it can seem like a huge mountain to climb, especially if you do not know much about investing. Since not all people use a broker for their own investment plans, it can be difficult to get a good recommendation.

If you are just starting off in your quest to build up wealth, it can be quite beneficial to get proper financial counsel for your portfolio. A good broker will not only help you make the best choices for your situation, but will give you the inside on money goals you can set in order to be more certain about your situation in the short and long term.

Trustworthy Broker

From Here to Retirement

The first question that a trustworthy broker will ask you is what your goal is in the short and long term. Just like a personal trainer will give you specific advice for a specific health plan, so too do brokers give personalized information for each case.

No two people have the same income, bills, and retirement plans, meaning that it is necessary to build up an individual plan for your money. Just having enough for retirement is not much of a plan, and if you are not sure what a realistic goal is, an investor can help you get along your path to success.

What You Should Look For in a Broker

You would not want to have heart surgery from a doctor fresh out of med school, and you would probably not want to trust your money with someone with no track record of success. While everyone has to start out somewhere, you will likely be more comfortable with a broker who has a strong education in money management from a quality university.

Ask questions about the broker’s education, their track record of success, and how long they have had a specific focus (if any) in money management. Ask questions up front about the costs and commissions that you will have to pay out in order to get their services and advice. Get an idea of their personality. Are they a hot head, cool conservative or somewhere in between?

Real Talk

Any investor is capable of using a diverse lingo and big vocabulary to intimidate a potential customer. Make sure you can find a broker who speaks in plain talk so that it is always clear where your money is going and what the plan for it is. There should be no excessive descriptions that confuse you, since any quality broker specializes in being able to communicate with clients who have a varied background and financial history. They should be able to explain their recent decisions with other clients as well as their plans for the future of your investments.

Be Realistic with Market Returns

The first thing that any trustworthy broker will tell you is that their investments are not a certainty. There is no guarantee that even the best strategy will return money, even if the averages over time suggest a good return. Any broker who suggests a specific number should be seen as inexperienced or untrustworthy, since there is no way to know how the market will perform tomorrow, let alone a few years from now. Instead of speaking in certainties, a quality broker will explain to you how recent investments and investment strategies have returned value over time.

This may be moderate or it may be extreme, but they will always stress the point that it takes time. Furthermore, beware of any broker who promises a magic bullet. Any money manager will tell you to diversify between stocks, bonds, real estate, valuable metal, and other investment schemes so that there are safeguards against market risk.

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