ETrade vs TD Ameritrade – Which one is better for you?

In addition to offering free trades, TD Ameritrade and ETrade both provide robust trading interfaces and a large range of investment options See how they compare.

Many investors find it difficult to choose between ETrade and TD Ameritrade, which are frequently at the top of the list of online brokers in the United States. At any broker, you will not be charged any activity or yearly fees. Commission-free stock, options, and ETF trading are available at both brokerages with no account minimums.

In the end, it boils down to who you are as an investor. Looking for a comparison between ETrade and TD Ameritrade? Check out our head-to-head comparison of the two brokerages.

After following similar routes for the previous three decades, ETrade and TD Ameritrade will be purchased in October 2020. Starting in the early 1990s, when internet trading was only beginning, they had a solid reputation for integrity and quick order executions. Since their inception, these financial powerhouses have seen their client base and service offerings explode, allowing them to provide individual investors a full range of trading, investing, and research services.

In almost every statistic, ETrade and TD Ameritrade tied for first place. Listed below are some of the differences between the brokers and the qualities we compared them on.

With ETrade, it’s easy to get started since you can establish and fund investment on your computer or mobile device quickly and easily. The variety of TD Ameritrade’s products makes it difficult to select the appropriate account type.

On their websites, both brokerages provide an easy-to-use interface. Its instructional element, on the other hand, may be of more importance to newer investors. These two systems are both well-designed and easy to use, with streaming real-time data and a wide range of customization possibilities.

Apps from ETrade and TD Ameritrade are both well-designed and fully functioning. In terms of the sorts of orders you may make through the app, TD Ameritrade still has an edge over ETrade, with 11 vs 4. Using mobile devices, both brokerages provide watchlists, live data and news, charts and analysis, and the ability to trade tickets. Trading the same asset classes on any of TD Ameritrade’s platforms is possible with TD Ameritrade. All of the above are available through ETrade’s app, with the exception of bond trading by a single name.

ETrade and TD Ameritrade are two of the largest online discount brokerages, and for good reason: Both provide cheap charges, low (or no) deposit bonus requirements, and a vast selection of mutual funds you may trade on their platforms.

Following is a head-to-head comparison of TD Ameritrade vs ETrade on every aspect that makes or breaks a brokerage firm.

ETrade Overview

Fees have held down ETrade, a pioneer in internet brokerage, over the last decade. As of October 2019, ETrade joined the majority of brokers in offering zero equity and no fees per leg. Using three computer-based platforms and two fully functional mobile devices, ETrade provides a variety of investment kinds and interests. Navigation has been simplified on, your flagship website. After acquiring former rival Options House, Power ETrade bought and implemented features from Options House into their platform. It has real-time streaming and superb graphical tools.

Investors of all skill levels will find ETrade to be a solid choice. Novices benefit from the broker’s extensive training and research, and the wide range of no-fee funds should also appeal to this group. In addition to its two decent trading platforms and mobile app, the broker also offers reduced trading alternatives and a large selection of assets to choose from. Industry-wide, ETrade offers no-commission inventories and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As a matter of fact, you will find out. Either way, ETrade will provide the service you desire, regardless of your skill level and experience.

ETrade is a banking and finance firm that offers online retail, retirement, and investing services to customers and traders alike. There are IRAs, brokerage accounts, small company retirement accounts, managed portfolios, automated portfolios, and more to choose from at this shop.

ETrade customers have access to a comprehensive range of investment services, including stocks, futures, options, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, CDs, and pre-built portfolios. You have a variety of account options available to you through your account. Accounts for small businesses and online banking are available through brokerage services, retirement planning, key portfolios, managed portfolios, and internet banking.

Customers who desire assistance from an officer can make use of a variety of services, including managed portfolio options. Its services, on the other hand, set it apart from other online investing firms since they allow businesses to trade without the help of a broker.

A good example is ETrade’s widely utilized program for new investors and a library of investing materials for customers with little or no financial experience whatsoever.

Founded in 1982, ETrade is a brokerage firm in the United States. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Regulatory Authority for Financial Industry (RAFI) oversee its operation (FINRA).

Since ETrade has been around for many years and is supervised by top-notch US authorities, it is considered to be safe.

ETrade has been investing more than $100,000 a year in active, engaged investors and high-net-worth individuals for nearly a decade. Since fees were eliminated, ETrade has become the number one broker in various sectors, including options and trade. This has comforted more active investors. Power Customers may choose from a wide range of analytical options and strategy-building tools using ETrade platforms, whether they are using a desktop or mobile devices. ETrade, on the other hand, continues to rank among the top online brokers for newbies due to its excellent resources and usability. Like other large online brokers, ETrade has a lot to offer investors of all skill levels.

It is the oldest internet brokerage in the United States. ETrade offers an electronic trading platform for trading financial assets such as stocks, futures contracts, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and fixed-income investments. By 2020, Morgan Stanley plans to buy $13 trillion of ETrade. The transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter, subject to regulatory approvals.

A wide range of investments is available through ETrade, including stocks and bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and mutual funds. ETrade, on the other hand, provides one of the least-available asset classes: futures. One of the fastest and riskiest assets on the market is available through this service. Expert traders, on the other hand, may find it beneficial.

Among the most comprehensive and very well mobile apps, we examined is ETrade’s mobile app, which is incredibly well-designed and user-friendly. Two smartphone applications are available for both ETrade and Power ETrade. Optional and futures derivatives are highlighted in the last section. It has been a priority for ETrade to improve the user experience across all platforms this year, with a particular focus on the most regularly used services.

ETrade Pro’s desktop platform is frequently used to test trading strategies and talents. In order to keep you from believing that you are making actual transactions, the website employs delayed data. About 500 000 fraudulent transactions are conducted yearly, according to ETrade’s administrators.

ETrade’s Prebuilt Portfolios provide consumers with a few adjustments they want to make to their portfolios a quick way to participate in the markets. ETFs ($2,500 minimum) and mutual funds ($500 minimum) are the two options available. The Fund’s management costs are covered by all fees.

ETrade has a lengthy history as an online broker, which has resulted in a user interface that is straightforward and intuitive. You may easily open and fund an account on a mobile device or a PC. Mobile applications that mirror the online platform’s features are available on two major web-based platforms.

You can perform practically everything on the Power ETrade web platform with the app, for instance. Designed for novice investors, ETrade’s website and mobile app include two levels of menus that provide access to screening tools, portfolio analysis, and training. Orders may be placed quickly and easily on ETrade by utilizing a trade ticket that you can keep for future use. With ETrade’s analytical tools, you may compare your asset allocation to three different model portfolios.

The website and mobile app of Power ETrade provide active investors and traders with a larger range of trade-driven features, such as mapping tools, price notifications, and more. Power ETrade may be configured so that you don’t have to hunt for the functions you use most often. As a result of OptionsHouse’s acquisition of Power ETrade, the company’s derivatives analysis and trading operations are now integrated into one platform. With the April 2020 update, many ETrade clients can pick and keep a default account so that the update will be presented immediately when signed in.

ETrade Pro, a PC-based tool for downloading advanced traders, allows for extensive customization.

Every platform at ETrade offers watchlists and mobile applications offer a full range of trading instruments. Apps are easier to use than the website, but it has been enhanced a bit in recent years as well. Power ETrade on a tablet, for example, is a pleasure to use.

The ETrade website’s two-stage menus can make navigation difficult. This feeling of unease quickly dissipates when you realize where your most often used instruments are located. It’s possible to create an inline trade button for each stock by creating a watch list around the symbol search. All of the typical tactics and styles, such as cheap pricing, Dows, or long-term RSI, are apparent to investors without the need for a specific list.

All of your favorite tools may be accessed in a single layout in Power ETrade, according to your preferences. You may choose from a variety of chart views and indicators. In addition to examining projects with maximum profit and loss, the Power ETrade ticket examines searching events, among other things. “Toast” occurs when an order has been completed or a partial execution has been received. It is possible to jump directly from the notification to a position or a page of orders with one click.

A new set of ticket-buying options will be made available on the online platform in August 2020, which will include coaching as well as the ability for the client to build a personalized plan. New orders reflect the company’s effect on your purchasing power. Prior to placing a genuine order, Power ETrade customers may simulate one and see how it affects their account balances.

Traders have access to a universal trading ticket with streaming real-time data on whatever device they want. It is possible to put orders from a chart and follow them graphically as they are processed. As an alternative, a batch of orders can be placed and sent out at the same time.

For Power ETrade and the ETrade Mobile apps, ETrade has created iOS widgets that allow users to see their home pane, track portfolios, and read quotes. You may install up to three widgets on iOS 14 and subsequent devices.

The organization offers single investors and small businesses access to stock, mutual funds, futures, options, bonds, CDs, and preconstructed portfolios. In addition to individual internet trading, the company also offers portfolio management services at an additional cost.

ETrade offers more than 9,000 mutual funds, including more than 4,400 free mutual funds and funds that do not need a transaction or a commission.

Bonds, futures contracts, and option agreements are among the brokerage’s most expensive investments. ETrade charges $0.65 for each contract option (or $0.50 if you make 30 transactions every quarter) and you may be able to obtain bonds for $1 for each secondary online business. Future contracts cost 1.50 dollars each.

In addition, minors can invest through the use of ETrade’s custody brokerage account. Parents or authorized custodians can take advantage of their 0% commission, tax benefits, and investing education tools.

In addition, the firm offers its customers’ automated accounts, portfolio management, and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

TD Ameritrade overview

A leading online broker, TD Ameritrade, has retained its position as the most popular among rookie investors. To reach clients and prospects, TD Ameritrade has created on-ramps to its services on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. In addition to the company’s normal website, customers may also select between think or swim, which is aimed at aggressive traders who are interested in derivatives.

Although TD Ameritrade has been purchased by Charles Schwab, it is expected that the merger of the two brokerage giants will take many years to complete. For now, we’ll look at TD Ameritrade as an independent brokerage to determine if it’s a good match for your investing needs.

A trading platform, TD Ameritrade offers consumers to trade capital assets such as ordinary and preferred stock; futures contracts; ETFs; currencies; options; cryptocurrencies; mutual funds; fixed-income investments; margin lending; and cash management.

Interest on margin balances, order execution fees, and order flow payments are all revenue streams for the company. the business will become a wholly-owned subsidiary and its services and accounts will be combined with those of Charles Schwab Corporation by 2023. Schwab’s headquarters in Westlake, Texas, will become the new home for the company’s operations. As Ameritrade, it was founded in 1971. After Toronto-Dominion Bank acquired TD Waterhouse’s US division in 2006, it was rebranded TD Ameritrade. As of 2020, it was owned by Charles Schwab Corporation (CSC).

May 2008, CEO Joe Moglia said that he will stand resigned as Chief thus becoming Chairman of the Board. A former vice-president of business activities of Toronto Dominion Bank, COO Fredric Tomczyk assumed the role of CEO. When the business acquired St. Louis-based Scottrade in September 2017, the city became its second-largest hub. Customer accounts were migrated in February of 2018. Other businesses that have been heavily shorted by the business and other trading platforms will be barred from trading as of January 28, 2021.

It is possible to tailor the think or swim platform to meet your specific needs, with tabs allowing rapid access to the functions you use most often. In contrast, think or swim allows you to personalize the tools on each page, the typeface used, and even the background color.

All of your trade settings on think or swim may be customized to your liking. However, the website does not provide you the same level of control over trade defaults as it does over transaction execution. Your personalized settings will accompany you from device to device because most customization options are stored in the cloud.

Live trading and paper money are available on Thinkorswim’s web version, along with the trading model, all asset categories, and the same datasets and trading engine that are available on the downloadable version of the software. They are the same. Here between the web version and the downloadable version, the web version is more transaction-oriented and has a simpler interface. It’s the fact that, instead of having numerous tabs, all of the available functions are collected into one view. When clients request certain features, the online version will be upgraded.

Native iOS and Android applications are available from TD Ameritrade, along with a mobile-optimized web experience. It’s possible to establish a watchlist on one platform and have it appear on other platforms as well. In particular, this feature is beneficial for those who frequently switch between think or swim and the standard website. Mobile trading allows you to trade all asset classes.

If you are an active trader or investor, the think or swim mobile app has a lot to offer. There are a number of easy-to-use processes available for options, stocks, and futures. With real-time streaming data and the opportunity to trade immediately from charts, the mobile app is a full solution for most trading needs. This platform is equivalent to the regular mobile platform.

It provides a range of platforms since TD Ameritrade is among the top online brokers in the United States. Many instructional programs are available to help new investors build confidence and encourage them to diversify their portfolios as their skills grow over time. investors and traders may use the think or swim software to find market opportunities. There is a lot of research and tools available through TD Ameritrade, and it might be overwhelming at first.

This is due to the physical facilities that TD Ameritrade acquired when it acquired Scottrade some years ago. It also provides several online and mobile-app training courses. There are also nine hours of live content on the TD Ameritrade Network, in addition to on-demand video.

TD Ameritrade’s traditional website, which has been modified for mobile browsers, allows clients to conveniently access account data, balances, balance history, positions, news, and more. As a result of the well-designed mobile applications, users may check in on their accounts and markets on just one page.

Tools from think or swim have been largely migrated to the web. With its comprehensive research tools and true relational databases, users may make investments, futures, options, and FX over the Internet. As a result of TD Ameritrade’s growing presence in Asia, its platform is available in both traditional and simplified Chinese.

This is due to the physical facilities that TD Ameritrade acquired when it acquired Scottrade some years ago. It also provides several online and mobile-app training courses. There are also nine hours of live content on the TD Ameritrade Network, in addition to on-demand video. Lastly, the quantity of real-time data that can be broadcast through think or swim’s website and mobile apps is infinite.

It is important to note that TD Ameritrade adheres to industry security standards:

Biometric authentication using fingerprint and facial recognition may be used for mobile app login, which makes access much more convenient for users. TD Ameritrade’s security system recognizes the computer from which a customer has visited the account in the past, and if an unfamiliar computer attempts to access the account, a series of profile questions is utilized to verify the client’s identification.”

Customer securities are insured for $149.5 million, and cash is insured for $2 million, thanks to extra coverage provided by London insurers. In the meantime of November 2019, the Identity Theft Resource Center reported no significant breaches at any TD Ameritrade sites

Commission prices

U.S. clients of TD Ameritrade pay no fees for digital equity, options, and ETF trading. As a result of the broker’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, which charges $5 for conversations, and $25 for broker-assisted transactions, not everything is free.

Option contract transactions cost $0.65, OTC stocks cost $6.95 and futures trades cost $2.25 per contract for 50 distinct contracts. No-load mutual funds cost $49.99 a month. A commission is not charged on funds that have a load and do not charge a transaction fee (NTF).

Stock and ETF transactions are free with ETrade, however, option trades cost $0.65 per option contract, and mutual fund trades cost $19.99. There is also a $25 broker assistance fee with ETrade. In addition, traders who make more than 30 transactions every quarter receive a discount of $0.50 per contract on options commissions. It costs $1.50 per contract to trade a futures contract with ETrade, with crypto futures products coming in at a higher rate of $2.00 per contract.

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting an online broker. Since both TD Ameritrade and ETrade provide zero-cost online stock transactions and most other forms of trades are priced equally, their differences may be less significant than other variables.

You can’t just check the normal fee plan to find out how much you’ll pay. ETrade offers a discounted fee on options transactions ($0.50 per options contract) for active investors and traders who conduct more than 30 trades each quarter.

Discounts are available without churning through your account. Select mutual funds and ETFs are available to trade at both ETrade and TD Ameritrade without commission or transaction fees. As a result, your trading costs might be significantly reduced over time.

Minimum deposit requirements

In order to create an account with TD Ameritrade or ETrade, you do not need to make a minimum deposit.

However, in fact, to really invest your funds, you’ll need enough money to purchase at least one share of stock, an ETF, or a mutual fund. These firms did not provide convertible notes at the moment of writing. The minimum deposit for each broker is therefore likely to be closer to $100 — if not even more.

Trading platforms

Traders and investors both will find TD Ameritrade and ETrade appealing. Basic web browser-based platforms are available from both brokers, as are more robust platforms designed for high-volume traders.

A browser, a smartphone app, and a desktop platform are all available on TD Ameritrade. Thinkorswim’s desktop software, “think or swim,” is a favorite of aggressive traders. As a result, think or swim is one of the most accessible platforms offered by discount brokers. Customers of TD Ameritrade benefit from the fact that they may deposit as little as $1 and immediately access a top-notch trading platform.

Dozens of graphing features, sophisticated options strategy builders, and an outstanding earnings report tool are available on the think or swim platform, which is entirely configurable. A stock’s performance can be tracked in the days leading up to and following an earnings announcement.

An internet browser, smartphone app, and desktop platform are all available through ETrade. Traders love its Power ETrade Desktop Platform. It’s an outstanding type of tech, but the mandatory engagement and credit limit restrictions keep new investors and less-active investors away from the platform.

TD Ameritrade vs. ETrade Mobile App

It is accessible on iOS and Android mobile phones, tablets, and the Apple Watch from TD Ameritrade. Over 300 distinct signals and technical charts are available in the mobile app, which is identical to the desktop version. Intuitive graphics, live news, customer research, and a help option are all available through this app. TheStreet and Morningstar are two well-known sources of market research that TD Ameritrade offers in addition to its own research.

The “what if” function in the software allows you to assess your risk. Stress testing your whole portfolio or a particular trade is possible with this tool. To practice trading, you can utilize the mobile app’s “paper money” sample account. Conditional orders, options spreads, and multi-leg options orders are also supported by the mobile trading platform.

You may download ETrade’s mobile app on an iOS or Android phone, tablet, or Apple Watch. Using the mobile app, you may trade stocks, options, and mutual funds on the fly. As well as market and conditional orders, you may enter sophisticated options orders, like swaps and multi-leg choices methods, using this tool as well.

When it comes to sophisticated traders, Thinkorswim is the winner in this area. ETrade’s ETrade mobile app is easier to use, but it has far fewer capabilities than TD Ameritrade’s think or swim platform. On the other hand, the ETrade mobile app does not provide a sample account option.

As a result, both brokers provide outstanding mobile research and charting tools, as well as third-party analysis from firms such as Morningstar and Thomson Reuters. TD Ameritrade clients, on the other hand, have access to more third-party analyst alternatives than ETrade customers.

Start investing

ETrade’s free browser platform may be ideal for those who trade equities and stock options. The browser platform was carried over from OptionsHouse, which ETrade purchased and integrated into its platform in 2017. It is still popular among options traders due to its simple structure and rapid profit and loss calculators for generating fascinating options trading ideas. It’s reasonable to assume that many options traders prefer the free OptionsHouse interface over the ETrade Pro platform.

When it comes to digital investing, ETrade and TD Ameritrade are neck-and-neck. In addition to desktop platform features and capability on smaller devices, both brokers provide mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. While TD Ameritrade does not provide mutual fund trading through a mobile device, ETrade does. Naturally, since investment funds are designed to be kept for the long term, traders may not care about this tiny differential.

ETrade and TD Ameritrade follow the pack when it comes to trading overseas equities, offering solely U.S. tickers. ADRs or dual-listed firms can be used to invest in overseas companies, but neither brokerage would route orders to international stock markets.

The fact is that just a small number of internet brokers allow orders to be sent internationally. To actually trade on a public stock exchange, Charles Schwab and Fidelity are two options.

Research reports and commentary

When discount brokerage was first introduced to the market, they were nothing more than a gateway to the financial markets. As trading platforms, they were limited in what they could provide. Discount brokers might charge reduced commissions as a consequence.

As a value-add to their paying consumers, bargain brokers have, over time, improved their research services. Examples include almost 50 daily market analyses and stock analyses from numerous third parties (CFRA, Credit Suisse, Market Edge, etc.), as well as moment comments on significant events including earnings reports and data announcements from TD Ameritrade’s analysts.

A similar research package is available at ETrade, including Moody’s, Thomson Reuters, Morningstar, and others. On all of its channels, the firm also offers daily free market analysis from Morningstar, major financial magazines, and more.

You may keep up with your portfolio and watch list at any time using any broker’s extensive material. They also provide a wide variety of scanners and screeners, as do all cheap brokers.

TD Ameritrade vs. ETrade Ease of Use

TD Ameritrade’s three distinct platforms cater to a wide range of trading styles and preferences. This platform is easy to use and understand for new traders, while desktop and mobile apps are ideal for both novices and intermediates. The brokers advanced think or swim desktop interface and mobile app are jam-packed with valuable features that might appeal to experienced traders in a significant way.

People with basic computer abilities may easily learn ETrade’s conventional desktop and mobile programs, whereas Power ETrade’s desktop and mobile applications are designed for more experienced and professional traders. Only single-name bonds may be traded on desktop versions. Both platforms can be modified and offer access to the same asset classes.

It’s not difficult to master any of the providers’ standard platforms, although ETrade’s simple interface may be more suited to novice traders. The think or swim interface at TD Ameritrade, therefore, offers more research choices and capabilities than Power ETrade, making it the better alternative for active investors.

TD Ameritrade vs. ETrade Accounts and Features

In addition to equities, securities, certificates of deposit (CDs), futures contracts, TD Ameritrade clients may now trade dividend stocks and ETFs. In particular, the brokerage provides managed strategies, cash management funds, and lifetime securities, among other services, to his clients. TD Ameritrade also offers regular IRAs, Roth IRAs, Rollover IRAs, and trusts, just to mention a few.

ETFs, swaps, commodities, and certificates of deposit (CDs) are among the assets that may be traded through ETrade. Customers of ETrade may trade Bitcoin, currency, and agricultural futures, but not spot trading.

For chequing accounts, ETrade offers everything from conventional investment accounts to retirement and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Your brokerage account can also be linked to an online bank at ETrade. You may choose from four different managed accounts at ETrade, as well as a small business retirement fund.

A larger variety of exchange platforms, including direct access to the spot forex market, makes TD Ameritrade appear to be the superior overall choice for traders who desire to function across several marketplaces.

TD Ameritrade vs. ETrade Customer Support

This online broker offers one of the most comprehensive customer support services available in the online brokerage world. Additionally, the broker offers toll-free customer care phone lines in addition to a thorough Frequently Asked Issues (FAQ) website where you may get answers to the most typical questions.

This company’s customer service department additionally provides a live SMS number, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Direct Message in addition to their own webpage live chat feature. For standard delivery, existing accounts, and new accounts, the broker provides a fax number and three standard U.S.P.S. addresses.

Over 150 centers are located all across the United States, where you may obtain in-person assistance during normal business hours. The COVID-19 epidemic, however, has forced the offices to close.

When compared to TD Ameritrade, ETrade’s customer assistance choices appear to be relatively limited. While live chat (which is occasionally unavailable) and a toll-free telephone number are accessible, email is also available. ETrade offers 30 locations in major U.S. cities that you may visit in addition to the normal customer service alternatives, however, the offices are presently closed because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

As a result of its various customer care alternatives, including toll-free telephone assistance and live chat services, TD Ameritrade leads this section. It’s vital to have several means to contact your broker, even if ETrade’s customer service is excellent for typical markets.

The best online brokerage: ETrade vs. TD Ameritrade

Costs, asset picking, and research are so close between these two brokers that selecting a winner comes down to a few “make-or-break” characteristics.

In terms of branch network, TD Ameritrade has a distinct edge over ETrade for investors who prefer in-person support along with their online brokerage account. Also, clients may utilize TD Bank’s ATM network for free. A mutual fund that isn’t on the NTF list, or an active options trader, may be a better alternative with ETrade.

As a side note, both of these brokers were recently purchased. Charles Schwab purchased TD Ameritrade, while Morgan Stanley acquired ETrade. In time, the systems are expected to be merged with their respective issuers. This is the case for the time term.

The sophisticated think or swim investing interface at TD Ameritrade may fit you better than ETrade if you have a solid background in trading or investing. Additionally, you may handle a larger variety of investments with TD Ameritrade thanks to its more complex financial products, like spot forex that many stockbrokers like ETrade do not provide.

ETrade is a fantastic alternative if you’re new to trading or investing, don’t want to trade forex, and don’t care about complex technical analysis. It’s an outstanding online stockbroker, and its basic trading interface is easy to understand and navigate.

Things People Ask About ETrade vs TD Ameritrade

Is ETrade or TD Ameritrade better for beginners?

In comparison to ETrade, TD Ameritrade is a superior option for new investors. In addition to paper trading, TD Ameritrade provides customers with access to videos, education on stocks, ETFs, choices, savings accounts, foreign exchange, and corporate bonds.

Does ETrade or TD Ameritrade offer a wider range of investment options?

A more broad array of investment alternatives is available at TD Ameritrade than at ETrade. In addition to Stock Trading and OTCBB / Pink Sheets, TD Ameritrade also provides clients with access to options trading and mutual funds as well as futures trading. TD Ameritrade has 12330 mutual funds available, compared to ETrade’s 9087.

Which trading platform is better: ETrade or TD Ameritrade?

The pricing instruments, technical skills, and mobile applications of both ETrade and TD Ameritrade were evaluated in order to compare their trading platforms. TD Ameritrade offers superior trading tools. As a leading provider of market research, TD Ameritrade excels in this area.


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