Best jobs to do for students in Australia

Working while studying is quite hard everywhere and Australia is not an exception. You need to balance your working life with your studies in a way that your grades remain high and at the same time, you have money to keep yourself financially independent. According to Bloomberg, more than 80 percent of the students in the United States who were taking jobs while studying spent more time on their jobs than in their classes. Despite the fact that students are spending most of their day working, the majority of them if not all of them were not happy and satisfied with their financial situation and were anxious about it. I believe as a student in Australia you would not want to find yourself in the same condition.

Best jobs to do for students in Australia

In the ideal situation while studying in Australia you would like to have a job that would not affect your studies in a negative way, would give you an experience that could be valuable for your future career and, of course, have a decent payment. For students in Australia, there are many working opportunity – waiter, bartender, receptionist, kitchen assistant or customer service officer – these are the most popular jobs to the students around the world and in Australia as well. They are popular since they are almost always available – however, all these jobs require long shifts, meaning that you need to spend most of your days at the workplace which is not an optimal solution for the students.

Here are the best jobs to do for the students in Australia that will keep them financially independent and allow to be concentrated on their studies as well.

Online jobs

Online jobs can be a various – online teacher, graphic designer, social media manager, virtual assistant, copywriter and many more. You can choose one of them based on your skills and start working right away. Usually, online/ freelance jobs provide a good payment once you have gained a certain amount of customers.

Such jobs have many advantages:

  • You do not need to be physically present somewhere
  • You choose when do you work and for how long by yourself, meaning that you can work once you are done with your university studies
  • Things you can work on are various, you are not limited
  • You have a wide audience of customers all around the globe
  • You can set up your price by yourself considering the international prices.

But also have disadvantages:

  • You need to have a certain set of skills
  • It takes time to promote yourself as a freelancer and get constant customers
  • it does not bring stabile payment unless you are not a well-established freelancer

Mortgage broker assistant

Mortgage brokers such as mortgage broker in Perth are intermediate figures between an individual and businesses in the financial sector. Such brokers are as competitive as banks and often offer better conditions and interest rates that make them very demandable. Working as a mortgage broker assistant has a big advantage as the knowledge and experience you get there will be valuable in any workplace and for every kind of business you will do in the future. However, working on this position will benefit most to the people who are studying business administration, finances or similar disciplines.

Advantages of working as a mortgage broker assistant

  • You will work on a job that will benefit your future career
  • You will get skills and experience that will help you at any job
  • The knowledge you will accumulate will help you manage your personal finances better
  • Usually, it is a highly paid job


  • You do not need special skills however you should have personal characteristics that will make you a good candidate for this position- such as excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Usually, this is the full-time job

Sales representative

Just like the mortgage broker assistant, the sales representative is kind of a job that will give you a lifetime experience and skills that you will find helpful whatever career you will pursue. This job is all about communication, negotiation, and resistance, as you will hear a lot of “NO”. Therefore this job is for those people who already have a set of such skills. However, you do not need to have specific knowledge to start and you can work as a sales representative in a company that provides the product or the service you are interested in.

Advantages of working as a sales representative

  • You can get a good salary as the sales representatives have a base salary and high commissions
  • You will get skills that will help you in any career
  • You will have communication with many different personalities that will help you master communication skills
  • You will widen your network which will come handy in future


  • You will be rejected a lot and it will be frustrating
  • You might not end up being paid a high salary as commissions will be based on your performance

There are many other opportunities you can take as a student in Australia, however, the jobs I have mentioned can be most beneficial for you and your future career. With taking these jobs you will be able to have interesting work, maintain your grades well, become financially independent and start building powerful CV already as a student.

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