How to Use Barron’s Magazine to Find Investment Leads

Barron’s Magazine is part of the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones business, and has been helping stock market traders and investors to make informed investment decision for decades. The magazine is named after Clarence W. Barron, who was one of Wall Street’s earliest influential names. But how much help can the magazine offer a modern investor when looking for new investment leads?

Barron’s Magazine

I am subscribed to Barron’s Magazine and have been for over five years, so decided to write up a quick appraisal of how the publication can help you – just as it has helped me.

Four Different Sections Inside Barron’s Magazine

Barron’s Magazine has four different sections, all of which are designed to help a person trading on the stock market to make better decisions – this is due to the independent analysis and insight that is on offer through the different parts – they are as follows:

  • Technology Week
  • Market Week
  • Mutual Funds
  • The Wrap

For me, the most useful section is the Market Week pull-out, as this is where I get most of my investment leads from. It has in-depth yet easy to understand coverage of the previous seven days trading and stock market activity, and goes into detail on what is hot and what is not.

Barron’s Magazine Warned of the Inflated Facebook Stock

For example, when Facebook was recently floated on the stock exchange, Barron’s Magazine ran a feature in advance of the flotation which warned prospective stock purchasers about how the deal could quickly fall once the shares went public.

Before reading this article I had been tempted to buy into the Facebook hype – however, the Barron’s insight which was put together by five different esteemed journalists soon put me off as they highlighted the issues surrounding new technology companies and the challenges faced when entering the stock market. This was one tip that meant I saved money which I might have otherwise ended up wasting.

Exposes Fraud and Insider Trading Deals

The magazine does have a well deserved reputation for being quite harsh when it comes to assessing the major corporations, and has printed many investigative pieces into insider trading and fraud. Of course, that’s not something leveled at the Facebook flotation, however, other companies have been exposed as being fraudulent in the past.

Barron’s Magazine Helps to Predict Stock Rise and Falls

In terms of superb trading tips, Barron’s Magazine publishes weekly stock market tables showing the rise and fall of certain shares. As well as the graphical representations of what is a hot trading topic, the magazine then goes into detail telling the reader exactly why this is happening and how it could effect other companies.

Recently it highlighted a rise in gold prices and predicted that this could also effect silver. As a result I invested a proportion of my stock portfolio into silver stock and within two months had made a 32% profit on selling them on. That’s why I love Barron’s Magazine so much.

If you are starting out in trading either as a part-time or full-time career then I would advise you subscribe to Barron’s Magazine. I don’t know any stock market traders who don’t read it weekly and I can personally say that it has helped me to increase the value of my portfolio and make some very decent returns over the last five years since my subscription started.

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