A  Family That Owned An 80,000-Acre Texas Ranch For 100 Years Listed It For $180M

Turkey Track Ranch is a historic and massive ranch that measures around 80,000 acres in Texas. This ranch has been under the control of the same family for more than 100 years. They first decided to list it for sale in 2021 for $200 million, only to fail to find a buyer, and now the Houston Chronicle reports that they are trying again.

They have sweetened the deal massively by slashing the asking price to $180 million but also threw in a stake in the property’s mineral rights too.

Turkey Track Ranch has been in the possession of the descendants of William Thomas Coble, who initiated land acquisitions in the area as far back as 1916. In the 1920s, Coble discovered oil on the property, leading to the establishment of the Coble-Whittenburg Oil Company after his daughter married into the Whittenburg family of ranchers.

Presently, these two families still own Turkey Track Ranch. However, in recent years, they have decided to part ways with the property, acknowledging the increasing numbers and geographical distances among their members. They recognize that it is time to seek a new custodian for this historically significant holding.

The mineral rights now featured in the asking price amount to a 25% stake in what is known as “a near-100% mineral ownership holding,” so almost 25% of the mineral rights for the entire property. However, the buyer might be as interested in environment conservation as oil rights, and the property’s new assessments are allegedly focused on the areas and carbon sequestration as well as other potential energy projects.

Nevertheless, this remains an exceptionally remarkable piece of land, encompassing virtually every type of outdoor landscape, flora, and fauna found in the Texas panhandle. The property boasts 26 miles of direct access to the Canadian River and multiple freshwater springs, further adding to its impressive features.

You can see the increased beauty of Turkey Track Ranch for yourself in the video below, from the Icon Global YouTube channel:

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