8 Best Books For Young Investors

Reading books is a useful activity in itself, and studying and analyzing books on investing is useful not only for mental activity but also for a wallet especially if you are planning to become an investor in future.

There is a lot of literature on this topic, but not all authors can correctly and easily convey the necessary information. Finding really useful literature is sometimes a challenge for a beginning investor. From such manuals, you can learn a lot of important information about the way of thinking of real investor. After all, without this, one cannot become successful in managing money. From the special literature, reviewed below, a beginner will be able to learn all the essentials about the stock and currency markets. So, let’s check the most interesting books on investments.

1. Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

This is one of the most famous books in the field of investment. Robert Kiyosaki is a prominent American investor and writer with Japanese roots. In addition, he is a professional marketer, and his books are very popular all over the world.

It is worthwhile to dwell a little on another popular book by this author – Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The work tells the story of the writer himself. He had his poor dad and a rich father of a friend. His father always taught him – go to school, try to study a lot, and you will have a job. But he himself remained a poor civil servant with a great length of service. Rich father said that education at school and institute does not have much significance. And it’s better to start developing a real business early. These rules can be found in the book. Not all tips from popular material can be applied in our life, but they will help in the development of thinking of a businessman and investor.

2. Benjamin Graham – The Intelligent Investor

According to many expert reviews, this is the best book on investments. It is believed that it was after meeting her that Warren Buffett began his career in the world of finance at the age of 19 and became the best investor in the world and the owner of a fortune of 66 billion dollars.

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to increase their capital by investing in stocks.

3. Warren Buffett – The Essays of Warren Buffett

Buffett studied with Graham not only the right investment but also the science of creating books. In the first area, the student even surpassed his teacher, but in the field of writing books, he lost a little. This work consists of a collection of letters from the author to the shareholders of his corporation. From them, you can learn a lot about the philosophical vision of the life of the great investor. Many phrases from it became quotes.

This work will be useful to young investors and those who want to master the difficult path to financial independence.

4. Bodo Schäfer – The Road to Financial Freedom

The book provides practical recommendations for increasing, creating and maintaining equity. Author Bodo Schäfer is known worldwide for his works. For some people, getting to know them has dramatically changed their ordinary lives.

The main goal of the book is to completely change the standard habit of thinking in the thinking of a millionaire. The work also advises on how to create your first million in 7 years.

5. Alice Schroeder – The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

This book is a biography. It is quite voluminous with approximately 900 pages. And all this is about the life of professional investor Warren Buffett. The work is a storehouse of advice and invaluable experience from the famous investor. Judging by the reviews, everyone who read it did not regret the time spent.

6. George Clason – The Richest Man in Babylon

The book of this writer stands out among other fiction about financial literacy. First of all, the events described on its pages take place in Babylon – the ancient capital of the world.

The author believes that, like the laws of physics, certain financial laws always work. The important rules discovered in Babylon are relevant in the modern world. The writer tells the basic laws of money through entertaining stories of artisans, money-lenders and ancient merchants.

The book is a fascinating collection of fairy tales and parables, which are very easily perceived. In addition to the fact that the work reveals many monetary issues, it is able to present several hours of interesting pastime. It is especially useful for new investors.

7. Peter Lynch – One Up On Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market

This book was written by Peter Lynch, one of the most prominent financial managers of our time. It offers simple investment tips. Here are the basic principles of work:

  • It is necessary to evaluate your abilities as a potential investor.
  • You need to learn to evaluate and correctly analyze options for investing funds.
  • It’s worth picking up convenient financial instruments.

Moreover, the work is written witty and fascinating and very easy to read. Therefore, it is popular even with experienced investors.

8. Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

This is an entertaining story about how to create and increase your wealth. In this case, the scope of activity is not important, but it is required to know the laws of wealth formation. The book was first published in 1937, and after that, it was reprinted more than forty times. It was brought up more than one generation of successful investors.

The bottom line

Choosing books from the proposed list, many novice investors will be able to draw a lot of practical and useful recommendations. Such financial literature is simply necessary for those people who want to learn how to increase and maintain their capital.

Reading is always essential when you want to develop some skills and gain experience. And by the books mentioned above, we are talking about people that have a piece of considerable knowledge in the field of investing.

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