3 Things you Will Regret Not Doing in College

Writing Better Research Papers

Most of you will have a discipline that involves writing research papers. In fact, probably have of my readers were or are arts majors which involve a lot of writing. Yes, many will tell you grades don’t often matter in the work force (they never do) unless you are doing graduate school but, a research paper is so much more.

Not Doing in CollegeA number of my colleagues had their research papers published in trade journals, academic journals and magazines. A number of them won financial awards that were several thousand dollars each. Others were able to beef up their resume with “published work.”

Instead of doing it the night before and carelessly choosing a topic of research, take the proper time, ahead of the due date and do real research. An hour here and an hour there will make the night before a breeze and will give you something to be proud of when you’re done, instead of just a passing grade.

Internships are Pretty Important

They sound stupid, cliched, boring and like someone taking advantage of your free work. Most of the time they are. Nevertheless, with almost all employers looking for experience before hiring (or even considering you for an interview), internships are becoming essential.

The excuse that you do not have the connections to get an internship is a lie. Almost every single university or college department hosts some sort of event that brings in company’s to scout interns. These are often free to sign up and take very little effort on your part. Missed out? Get off your butt and make some connections with the professors. Drop the message that you are looking!

Can’t find an internship? Volunteer work when done properly can be just as effective. Consider helping with a local election. Lead tour groups in a specific department you are passionate about. Find a local charity. You have to meet people and you have to build up a history of work ethic, regardless if you are voluntold!

Doing Nothing

I think it’s foolish to equate the thousands of dollars that it costs and the ridiculous amount of debt of college as being worth it for the experience. But, if you do not get any experience out of it, did you take advantage of it?

Everything gets crazier from here on out. Thought you had zero time to your day? Wait till you get a career started. Valued your free time in college? Marriage will end your free time. Remember free time? You won’t when you get a pet and a child.

The point is that our lives get busier and busier as we get older. We have more and more responsibilities and obligations. The time flies even when we are the best at managing it. Enjoy the free time afforded you in college. If that means the “experience” great but, for many just sitting there, relaxing and doing nothing will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy it by yourself, enjoy it with others.

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