3 Things you Will Regret Not Doing in College

Writing Better Research Papers Most of you will have a discipline that involves writing research papers. In fact, probably have of my readers were or are arts majors which involve a lot of writing. Yes, many will tell you grades don’t often matter in the work force (they never do) unless you are doing graduate […]

5 Reasons Not to Buy Real Estate on eBay

You’ve Never Seen it Buying real estate is different from stocks or bonds in that it should be viewed with the eyes before purchase and analyzed by a professional. A few choice photos – undoubtably the best images – placed on the auction website should not suffice Who’s the Seller? Why is the seller on […]

Got a Start-Up Idea? Don’t Start it!

This post is all about saving your skin. I also want to save your wallet, your time, your frustration and your dignity. I have seen a number of colleagues and a number of random people on the internet grab a hold of the start-up craze. Obviously it’s nothing new. Start-ups have been popular since Myspace […]

Buying a Private Island as an Investment? Think Again!

A tell-tale sign of exuberance during the 90’s was the ownership of a private island. Since the recession, folks have wised up about showing off their exemplary wealth or fancy taste and scaled back. But, maybe a private island could provide an excellent investment opportunity in this market. The reality is though, that the costs […]

Are Shows Like Pawn Stars Giving People Unrealistic Prices for their Antiques and Collectables?

Pawn Stars and American Pickers have been two of the most popular shows on cable in the last five years. Since their inception they have spawned numerous offshoots of questionable quality, all helping viewers find hidden valuables and learn how to make cash. But are these shows really accurate portrayals of the antiques and collectables […]

Are Mineral Rights a Safe Investment?

Maybe you first discovered mineral rights for sale like me, on eBay. One bored day, looking at the real estate listings I found beautiful pieces of acreage available on eBay for only a few hundred dollars. I thought there had to be a catch. Upon closer examination the sales were for mineral rights. Mineral rights […]

Pimco’s Total Bond Return is in Everyone’s 401(k) but Do you Really Need it?

If you ever look at the recommended funds for your 401(k) or the preset funds, most likely you’ll find one titled, Pimco Total Return. It is a fund that owns a lot of bonds. When I say a lot, I mean multiple thousand bonds. It holds muni’s, corporate, government, international and everything in between. It […]

Are Marijuana and Medical Cannabis Stocks Legit or Just Blowing Smoke?

A number of legitimate companies (or so we think thus far) have emerged in the last 10 years and gone public, whose sole business model is in the research and promotion of medical marijuana. Call it cannabis, ganja, weed, dope, grass, whatever. A cultural shift has long been underway in America that has allowed these […]

Why Starting a Freelance Business Will be a Huge Waste of Your Time

I get it, you are slapped in the face with all kinds of examples of people making money off affiliate income, writing articles and doing gigs on Fiverr. These people are incredibly successful and popular online. What they don’t tell you is the biggest investment they make and how the money they are making hardly […]

The 10 Commandments Of Investing In The Stock Market For Noobs

Commandment # 1: Do Thy Homework! Listen, these days you simply need to be more self-reliant when it comes to investing in just about anything, let alone the stock market. Take some time and really study the different kinds of investments you can make, types of assets…the basics. The surest path to not being a […]