Penny Stock Picks – TheStreet (TST)

TheStreet (TST) is a perfect penny stock for value investing and long term outlook. The company founded by Jim Cramer during the .com boom is one of only a handful to make it out alive. transformed into TheStreet a financial and investing media company. Why do I like this company? Cramer maintains a high profile position in the company as a director as well as the majority insider share holdings. This is a common sign of confidence in a company. But is it genuine at such a low price under $2? I think so!

The entire website has exceptional information for the youthful investor and is highly recommended because it is also free! Do not confuse free with not making money though. With appropriate relevant advertisements TheStreet makes plenty of money off its free information. If you want to see the power of advertisements in free information consult the powerhouse known as Google!

Have you ever wanted to know George Soros’ or Warren Buffets’ portfolios? It’s right there! You can see exactly what the richest people in the world hold in their portfolios! This is powerful information! It’s called, using social networking power and technology to put the expert investors plans and ideas in your fingertips!

TheStreet offers a myriad of premium services for the investor such as ActionAlertsPlus or Stocks Under $10 for all the youthful investors. But let’s not forget the average person not turned onto investing quite yet. The valuable offers great information on the best savings, CDs, money market, mortgage rates, etc available. This simple design and service is effective and welcoming.  This means more revenue for shareholders!

How about brand power? I think the name alone is worth the share price and easily up to $5 a share! Consider the name “TheStreet” and its relation to Wall Street. This has instant recognition and would be invaluable to any media conglomerate such as Fox, ABC, NBC, etc. who may be interested in acquiring such a valuable name so cheap.

Consider Jim Cramer’s founding and continual presence in the company. He still has at least 2 years signed up as a director. Whether you love him or hate him based on his popular television show MadMoney you cannot deny his success both in media and in investing. This is a guy who manages hundreds of millions of dollars daily yet still hunts around for the best gas price or conscious of his spending at the grocery store! This should tell you something about his interest in the company and the true value of the company. What does he have in store for it?

TheStreet is hovering around its 52 week low right now and is well worth snatching up at this price. $50 – $200 can get you some excellent exposure into a fun to watch and useful penny stock poised for success. I see this company growing inside of its industry and being bought up in several years by a competitor trying to gain an edge. Keep an eye on what Cramer does as you own it. The stock does pay a dividend which may seem nice but for such a small company this is surprising and I would much rather they use that money for growth. But if you know anything about Cramer and dividends that should give you a clue.