Pandora: Rolling the Dice on a Risky Investment

Pandora’s stock has fluctuated widely since the online radio company went public in 2011. Facing rising competition, high content costs and revenue difficulties, Pandora has been dismissed by many as a great idea with a bad business model. Others see a high-risk investment with the potential for high rewards. Looking Back at Pandora’s Stock in […]

How Population Growth is Affecting Long Term Care Providers

According to the United Nations, in 2011 the world crossed the 7 billion threshold and is likely to pass 8 billion in 2030. Almost 50 years ago our population was roughly 2.5 billion worldwide. Doomsayers and paranoid nuts are blaming alarming fertility rates. More informed and intelligent investors are paying attention to an aging population. […]

How Do I Open an Online Brokerage Account?

Opening a brokerage account is just about essential to investing in stocks. A broker is someone who buys and sells on your behalf, licensed by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). Some of the more popular brokerages are TradeKing, ScottTrade, TD Ameritrade and ETrade amongst a number of others. In this short tutorial I will help […]

A Look Back At The Worst Investments Of 2012

2012 seemed to be the year of online IPO’s with a range of big name websites and tech companies making their market debut. However, instead of wowing an awestruck audience, some of these debutantes fell face down and are still struggling to get back up again. Facebook – Misleading IPO Probably one of the most […]

Will BlackBerry 10 Be the Good News Research in Motion Needs?

Ever since Research in Motion (RIMM) announced the launch of its new mobile operating system BlackBerry 10, there has been a lot of optimism surrounding the company. The company has been receiving a privileged treatment from both investors and analysts alike. With fiercer than ever competition in the smartphone market, will RIM be able to […]

Lululemon’s Stock Looks Poised for Growth Online and Consistent Earnings

Lululemon Athletica, Inc. is a well-positioned company within a growing industry. Their products are either comparable or better than the competition and their in-store marketing and sales strategy is innovative and proving to be very successful. Cheaper Competitors – Price vs. Quality Additionally, I view their product offerings expansion to be a positive move for […]

Facebook’s Stock Might Actually be Worth Investing in 2013 or Maybe Not…

Last February, I wrote a detailed report on the Facebook IPO and how excited I was not only to see the social media company go public, but how users and investors would have reacted. We all know what happened: reality became apparent. Investors ran away from the all of the sudden deceptive and expensive company, […]

Jim Cramer Recommends GNC Holdings – Three Reasons Not to Buy

On the November 14th episode of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, Jim got excited about the stock GNC Holdings. I’m not so excited. He told viewers it was one of the best of breed to handle the ups and downs of the fiscal cliff. He explained in detail why he believes the stock is worth picking […] Sells for $1.6 billion as the Biggest Domain Sale Ever – Well Not Exactly… And Maybe Not

“ sells for $1.6 billion as the most expensive domain name sale ever!” That was the headline I read this weekend after Permira made an offer to buy the company for a 9.7% premium on Friday’s close price. Being a hobby domainer I wanted to clear things up a little bit for the domaining community […]

Manchester United IPO – A Legal Own Goal?

They may be used to getting their own way on the pitch, but footballing giant Manchester United has moved onto decidedly shaky legal ground with its flotation in New York. Using the legal definition of an ‘emerging growth company’ has left some stateside legal experts scratching their heads in amazement as to just how quickly […]