“There is No Chance I’m Wrong” – How to Identify an Untrustworthy Financial Advisor

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If you ever hear that phrase or see it in a blog talking about investing, your best bet is to run or x out the window. If you do not you are falling for the swindlers and hustlers whose principle money making scheme is selling you information, not their own investing. This article was inspired […]

How to Stay on the Right Side of the Law While Investing

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Seeking the Best Returns The primary purpose of putting any capital at risk in a business investment is to get the best possible return. The art and science of investment centers on the proper assessment of the risk in any particular deal. Evaluating risk involves many factors, some unique to the specific deal and others […]

Responding to Mark Cuban’s Video on Investing: Diversification is for Idiots

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Although I am two years late finding it, I managed to catch this interview with Mark Cuban on investing.  In it he makes some controversial statements on diversification, jumps on the bandwagon that buy and hold is dead and preaches of the benefits of homework. I am here to explain to you, that his ideas […]

How to Identify a Trustworthy Broker

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When looking for a dependable broker for your personal or business finances, it can seem like a huge mountain to climb, especially if you do not know much about investing. Since not all people use a broker for their own investment plans, it can be difficult to get a good recommendation. If you are just […]

Discovering Your Investing Niche and How to Profit From It!

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This article is inspired by the hundreds of investment newsletters out there that focus on a given niche or industry, catering to a very specific audience who are ready to spend. By taking the time to learn all you can about a given investment, sector, industry or even individual stock you will not only benefit […]

Reading Quarterly Reports and Conference Calls are Great Ways to Learn about a Company

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I have a secret formula for you that no one knows about. This secret formula is available just for you. This secret can be yours. Are you ready? There is no Secret Formula for Picking Stocks but you Can Still Profit Everybody that tries to sell you one is just profiting off of you. What […]

5 Great Books on Value Investing

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Value investing is no longer as popular as it once was. It’s not as fast as day trading, not as exciting as options or forex, and certainly not as risky as penny stocks. However, it is a balanced approach to investing with a long term outlook for success. Value investing is not buy and hold, […]

5 Lessons on Investing Learned from the film Boiler Room

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Boiler Room is a 1999 film that highlights a college dropout who is hired as a broker at the new mysterious firm, JT Marlin. He gives up his successful Queens based illegal casino, after which several senior brokers recommend him for joining their team. After days of making unsuccessful cold calls, our main character Seth, […]

Should You Choose a Traditional or Roth IRA?

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No one really wants to think about being old and gray while the sun is shining and you can still pop up to go running at the drop of the hat.  People put off investing in retirement accounts because they think they’ll have a lot of time later. Or maybe it just seems like it’ll […]

Should I list Day Trading or Investing as Skills on my Resume or LinkedIn Profile?

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I’m starting to see a trend towards listing investing and day trading as skills on some of my colleagues and readers resumes. In fact the skills are becoming quite common on LinkedIn profiles. But are they necessary? Will they cause more harm than good? Why Day Trading is Dangerous to List on a resume Darrell […]