Magic the Gathering Cards as Investments

Why Magic the Gathering? This is the most popular trading card game to ever exist. It started a revolution in trading card games that every other after it tried to duplicate. Introduced in the 1990’s to a dedicated audience, Richard Garfield’s brilliant game as exploded and is now more popular internationally. Here you will learn […]

5 Reasons Not to Buy Real Estate on eBay

You’ve Never Seen it Buying real estate is different from stocks or bonds in that it should be viewed with the eyes before purchase and analyzed by a professional. A few choice photos – undoubtably the best images – placed on the auction website should not suffice Who’s the Seller? Why is the seller on […]

Buying a Private Island as an Investment? Think Again!

A tell-tale sign of exuberance during the 90’s was the ownership of a private island. Since the recession, folks have wised up about showing off their exemplary wealth or fancy taste and scaled back. But, maybe a private island could provide an excellent investment opportunity in this market. The reality is though, that the costs […]

Are Shows Like Pawn Stars Giving People Unrealistic Prices for their Antiques and Collectables?

Pawn Stars and American Pickers have been two of the most popular shows on cable in the last five years. Since their inception they have spawned numerous offshoots of questionable quality, all helping viewers find hidden valuables and learn how to make cash. But are these shows really accurate portrayals of the antiques and collectables […]

Are Mineral Rights a Safe Investment?

Maybe you first discovered mineral rights for sale like me, on eBay. One bored day, looking at the real estate listings I found beautiful pieces of acreage available on eBay for only a few hundred dollars. I thought there had to be a catch. Upon closer examination the sales were for mineral rights. Mineral rights […]

5 Great Books to Learning Forex

I usually don’t recommend trading forex, FX, currency exchange, whatever they’re calling it these days. It can be a high risk, high reward investment strategy but, it is less regulated and less understood than conventional forms such as equities. Nevertheless, if you are interested in getting your fee wet with forex, here are five great […]

An Introduction to Investing in Collectables: Understanding Supply and Demand

Collectables, not to be confused with antiques or vintage items are by nature meant to be collected. Collectables can be described as items intended to be saved in an effort to commemorate a certain event, person or circumstance – with an assumption that they hold value above others, whether monetary or otherwise. What is the […]

An Introduction to Investing in Rare Coins

Rare coins make excellent alternative investments for the youthful investor’s portfolio. Rare coins are a type of investment based on scarcity and demand in the most simple terms. Unlike investing in stocks, coins are held in their physical form and must be kept in pristine condition to maintain their high value and often times rarity. […]

What are Alternative Investments?

I write a whole section on the various types of alternative investments, but what are they? Alternative investments are often times the types of investments that are stocks, bonds, or real estate. They can include a wide variety of investments including foreign currency, but more typically commodities and physical tangible assets. Did you know they […]

How Much Should I be Spending on my Hobbies?

Expensive hobbies can get out of hand fast, like that once in a lifetime opportunity to buy that rare collectable or antique you have been looking for for years. Even less expensive hobbies, like collecting Magic the Gathering trading cards can add up: a booster pack here, a pack there, a few decks and a […]