Looking In The Rear View Mirror Part 2: How to Develop a Good Old Fashioned Investment Plan

Step 1 – Know what a Stock is Worth To You The obvious first stage with any investment strategy is to have an entry point. If you are a stock investor, for example, your entry point could be a point or two lower than where the stock is currently priced. If it is, you can […]

Looking In The Rear View Mirror Part 1: Reflections on Investing from an Old Timer

This article is about what an old investor has learned over the years. Today at the tender age of 68 I can look in the rear view mirror and actually see my lessons learned. I realize I am not the only senior citizen who can make that remark. However I am the only senior citizen […]

Should You Choose a Traditional or Roth IRA?

No one really wants to think about being old and gray while the sun is shining and you can still pop up to go running at the drop of the hat.  People put off investing in retirement accounts because they think they’ll have a lot of time later. Or maybe it just seems like it’ll […]

How to Use Barron’s Magazine to Find Investment Leads

Barron’s Magazine is part of the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones business, and has been helping stock market traders and investors to make informed investment decision for decades.  The magazine is named after Clarence W. Barron, who was one of Wall Street’s earliest influential names. But how much help can the magazine offer a […]

5 Gadgets for the Ultimate Day Trader’s Office

Making money on the markets can be difficult; whether you’re buying and selling contracts or spread betting on price movements, predicting the market is not an easy task. Having the right environment to trade in is one of the many keys to success. So, if money was no object… The Herman Miller Experience The holy […]

Why Investors Should Buy Low and Sell High

The traditional advice for stock market investors has been to buy low and sell high. This advice maybe confusing to investors who cannot always determine the best time to buy or sell stocks, especially when there is a lot of price volatility. Timing is a crucial factor in making stock purchases. Here are some tips […]

Ways to Make Your Portfolio Green With Renewable Energy Investments

All economies are driven by profit, but money is often associated with greed. You do not have to be greedy however to make profit. You can be honest and have integrity as well as making money. If pollution and global warming worry you and you believe the solution lies in green renewable energy, then consider […]

Introduction to Candlestick Chart Technical Analysis of Stocks

Several months ago we wrote an article on the usefulness of technical analysis in your trading strategies. Now we take a more in depth approach to one of the tools used in technical analysis, Candlestick charts. This article looks at the goals of candlestick charts with some helpful advice on how to read the charts […]

5 Great Books for Amateur Penny Stock Traders

Penny stocks can offer big returns and an adrenaline rush. However, there are several things you should know before investing in this risky market. Thankfully, there are several books that help beginners learn their way around trading penny stocks. Here are just five great books for amateur penny stock traders. “An American Hedge Fund” by […]

Investing In Your Future: Traditional Long-term Investment Options

Investing in your future needs to start long before you approach the age to retire. In fact, you should start saving as soon as your student loans and other similar obligations are paid off. You may even want to set aside a little while you are paying off other debts, if at all possible. When […]