Newlyweds if you Put off Budgeting at First, It’s Going to Hurt Later

Newylweds often live in bliss and honeymoon for several months after their marriage. It takes some time to ease into the transition that their finances become whole and that they have financial responsibilities aside from their own. If they forget or consciously put off talking about their financial situation they will be in a lot […]

Is it Fair to my Spouse to Quit my Job to Work from Home Full-Time?

Many of you active on blogs have probably been waiting for someone to give you the cue, the go ahead to quit your day job and work full-time from home. Maybe you’re not a blogger, maybe you’re selling domain names, maybe you’re writing books, maybe you’re trying to get your invention off the ground. But, […]

When Do I Sell My Investments?

Knowing when to sell your investments may be the hardest decision to make. In fact, knowing when to sell can be tougher than knowing when to buy. There are many factors you must take into consideration when selling your investments. You will have to figure out whether or not you think the investment has growth […]

You are Responsible for what you Write on Your Blog – Cases of Defamation

Believe it or not, I was emailed by a company claiming defamation of their brand through a review I wrote. I thought I took all of the appropriate steps in writing the review. I used words that were not damning but, instead focused on those that gave the reader the chance to decide. I argued […]

Why Daily Trading Volume Matters in Penny Stocks

A Practical Guide to Socially Responsible Investing (Review)

With the ever present global citizenship campaign and a new green revolution has emerged the desire for our money to work towards what agree to be in alliance with those values – socially responsible investing. In Compelling Returns: A Practical Guide to Socially Responsible Investing, Scott J. Budde, CFA writes to an audience eager to […]

Is a Battlebot in the Budget and Other Expensive Hobbies

Damn I wish it was. Do you ever think of something that you really want to do but, totally misrepresent the overall cost? There are somethings (Battlebots are one of them that I will get to) that we decide to spend money on – they are harmless at first – but will end up adding […]

Leaving a Job I Just Started for a Better One – Is it Ethical or Legal?

I remember when I first graduated college and there were so many job opportunities advertised (even if they weren’t what we were expecting). The excitement and accomplishment was all around but so was the hurry and pressure from potential employers. Many of us were forced to settle for jobs because employers would not let us […]

Choosing Your College Major in a Post-Recession Work Environment

Todays universities and Colleges in North America train students in majors and minors for which there are no jobs. Majoring in English literature, Art History, Religious Studies, etc. can be fun and rewarding but where will you get a job outside of academia? Perhaps it is there, but a lot more difficult than you thought. […]

How to Avoid Avoiding your Finances and Get it Together

I often hear from readers and friends alike that they never have the time to study their finances. They hardly ever log into their bank accounts and check their balances. They rarely ever know when their credit card bills are due, just guessing each money and willingly paying the fee if they’re late. Ask them […]