Newlyweds and Puppies: Is Adopting a Dog Right for You?

My wife and I just adopted our first dog after only being married for two months now. When I was thinking about making this decision – a really big decision I might add – I could not find much advice online. In fact, no one was really talking about it in a serious and responsible […]

Starting Your Own Micronation for Fun and Profit

My favorite book of all time is Erwin Strauss’ How to Start Your Own Country. This book highlights what it is to be a micronation, the steps to get there and some examples. Horribly outdated, it lays the blueprint for success in building your own country. Micronations are small ‘countries’ that are not often recognized […]

An Introduction to Investing in Rare Coins

Rare coins make excellent alternative investments for the youthful investor’s portfolio. Rare coins are a type of investment based on scarcity and demand in the most simple terms. Unlike investing in stocks, coins are held in their physical form and must be kept in pristine condition to maintain their high value and often times rarity. […]

What are Alternative Investments?

I write a whole section on the various types of alternative investments, but what are they? Alternative investments are often times the types of investments that are stocks, bonds, or real estate. They can include a wide variety of investments including foreign currency, but more typically commodities and physical tangible assets. Did you know they […]

How Much Should I be Spending on my Hobbies?

Expensive hobbies can get out of hand fast, like that once in a lifetime opportunity to buy that rare collectable or antique you have been looking for for years. Even less expensive hobbies, like collecting Magic the Gathering trading cards can add up: a booster pack here, a pack there, a few decks and a […]

The Rise Of Chinese Investors In The International Market

golden painted Chinese cat decoration antique

Chinese investors are growing increasingly aware of the value of foreign real estate, so much so that over the last three years, their investments have increased from $900 million to $5.6 billion in 2012. The biggest investments went to companies in densely populated cities like London, New York and Sydney. The new figures highlight a […]

Everything You Need to Know About GDX – Gold Mining ETF

pan of gold on the river searching for raw gold for mining

GDX is the gold miners ETF and is currently the most popular way for investors and traders to access gold miners. Personally, I don’t like touching individual stocks – you never know what might go wrong to an individual company’s management. But bundled together, the gold miners are much more easy to understand. The reason […]

The Best Investing Blogs for College Students and Twenty-Somethings

a handful of crisp new united states $20 dollar bills from the bank

The best blogs for twenty-somethings and college students are those that focus on investing but, do not rely completely on it. These blogs are for investors first and foremost but incorporate elements of finance and economics to complete the picture, making the material that much more understandable. If you are young, youthful or just getting […]

Does Owning International Stocks Really Help Diversify my Portfolio?

Buildings downtown in a city with flags of the world hanging from laundry lines

Diversification is hailed as an all-important tenant of successfully investing. Many talking heads and basic beginners books advocate owning international stocks as a great way to diversify ones holdings. A growing number are advocating international equities because they see an immanent downfall in the United States markets or government. I’m here to tell you, that […]

Is a Commercial Recycling Company a Valuable Investment?

junk and rusted metal in a rural African town being sorted for recycling

Of the investments you can make, commercial recycling companies and recycling management system providers can offer great value for money. How do commercial recycling companies work, and what kinds of investment opportunities and potential yields can be found? At the same time, how are trading platforms for commercial recycling enhanced through the use of software […]