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Midas Letter Stock Picks Newsletter Review – Best Mining Penny Stocks

If you watch or trade OSK, TMM, VEN, AGI or any other gold mining penny stock, listen up! Midas Letter is a professional investing company that knows their stuff. These professionals who are on CNBC, BNN, etc are specialists in the mining sector; gold, silver, and mining stocks. Most of the companies they cover in […]

Can Jim Cramer be Trusted? A Look at His Investing History

Many first time visitors to Youthful Investor are either familiar with Jim Cramer or are excited each day to watch his Mad Money. Cramer is always entertaining and very eager to “help the little guy.” However in more recent years his investing style has come under fire. Does he really know what he is talking […]

Is Penny Stocks Psychic a Scam? It Could be $7 Well Spent

Penny Stock Psychic is an affordable penny stock alert system (only $7) to let you know when to buy and when to sell select stocks. It’s no secret, the wealthiest investors made their money investing in stocks that were affordable (less than $5) and sold them on their way up. After reading this, I am […]

Ways to Make Your Portfolio Green With Renewable Energy Investments

All economies are driven by profit, but money is often associated with greed. You do not have to be greedy however to make profit. You can be honest and have integrity as well as making money. If pollution and global warming worry you and you believe the solution lies in green renewable energy, then consider […]

Introduction to Candlestick Chart Technical Analysis of Stocks

Several months ago we wrote an article on the usefulness of technical analysis in your trading strategies. Now we take a more in depth approach to one of the tools used in technical analysis, Candlestick charts. This article looks at the goals of candlestick charts with some helpful advice on how to read the charts […]

Book Review: A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel

Having the opportunity to share with you my review of  A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing is a treat. This book is so much fun to read and from someone who is a slow reader I was so impressed with the writing style, subtle humor and the great stories […]

Is the New Burger King Menu Making you Want to Invest in Fast Food Stocks?

Burger King unleashed their new menu this week offering healthier and more chic alternatives to the traditional fast food diet, exclusive to burgers, fries and pop. Now in what many seem to be a last ditch effort, Burger King is offering items to its customers that seem identical to those on the McDonald’s menu, such […]

Guide to Investing in the Top Railroad Companies: Part 1 – Introduction to Railroad Stocks

Railroad companies and their stocks are hot. These industrial/transportation stocks were sleeping giants until Warren Buffet bought Burlington Northern Santa Fe on February 12, 2010 after a botched deal to merge BNSF to Canadian National Railway. Buffet paid over $44 billion dollars to acquire the company and the world woke up to possibility of investing […]